5 Wardrobe Essentials You Need For A Cool Goth Summer

Fashion comes in so many different forms and influences our perception of clothing in a variety of ways. We may decide to dress based on our mood, values, or emotions. For example, we tend to opt for portable clothing choices in winter and dress more adventurously when summer hits. 

To the ones who have binge-watched the entire Addams Family series let me just tell you that we – fashion lovers – all have a special place for you, in our hearts. The black dresses, chokers, and platform boots are some of the most unique clothing items we have ever seen. The dark style itself inspires us to be bolder in our clothing choices.  

And we want to say thank you for that! 

Even if we are celebrating the fun season indoors, we are still willing to create our own (comfortable) hot goth summer with the following attire pieces:

1.       Platform Sandals.

Summer is here so we can temporarily say goodbye to our Doc Martens. The sturdy, grungy boots can now be replaced with platform sandals. These sandals come in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes – but are somewhat edgier than the regular ones. Want some tips? When running errands, opt for a more functional design with a lower heel.


However, for parties, feel free to choose any design you want.

2.       Choker

The blend between edginess and sophistication can never be blurred more than a choker! Unlike a necklace, the choker comes with several designs and finishes. For those who prefer a feminine touch, select a lace choker:

And for those who love to bring out rebellious energy, choose a spiked choker:


3.       Shirt with Fishnets

Fishnets have been worn at concerts for the longest time ever. The knitted design can also be adopted on other garments- such as shirts or skirts- to be worn at home.


4.       Skirt with Buckles.

The plain skirt can always be altered to make an impactful fashion statement. Just by adding two buckles, the attire piece will look otherworldly. If you need to substitute those heavy, bondage pants, choose a buckled skirt. It works just as well and is easier to walk around in. 


5.       Laced Dress

Tired of wearing a harness for the entire day? Don’t sweat! Taking inspiration from Victorian and contemporary patterns, the laced dress has now entered and made life so much easier. The intricate patterns are suitable for evening, or everyday wear. 


Many elements of alternative fashion are inspired by the gothic subculture. Fishnets, laced dresses, and platform shoes are clothing items that show up frequently in many outfits. Even if such outfits tend to favor a maximalist, and atypical aesthetic, they can still be altered to fit into our everyday, minimalistic, stay-at-home life. After all, comfort, fashion, and design will always go hand-in-hand with each other.  Even if you are Morticia or Wednesday Addams. 

Featured Photo by Laura Dewilde on Unsplash


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