6 Fun And Creative Ideas For Your Virtual First Date


According to a report, the number of people using dating apps globally increased by 20 million people between 2019 and 2020 (after the onset of the pandemic). While it’s still not safe to enjoy in-person dating in many cities, that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to enjoy some first dates. If you’re looking for some options for a fun virtual first date, check out these six suggestions:

1. Sweat it out together!

If you and your date are both fitness enthusiasts, enjoy a workout date. In these times of lockdown and quarantine, many gyms and fitness studios have gone online. They Live Stream their workout classes. Here are some streaming workouts to consider.

2. Take a virtual museum tour.

YouTube and Google’s Art and Culture Network have you covered for tours of the Louvre in Paris, the Vatican Museum in Italy, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and a host of other world-famous museum tours. One advantage to virtual touring is that you are not geographically limited. You can visit museums all around the world.

Alternatively, scroll through online exhibits of museums’ art collections. All you need to do is screen-share, so you and your date are looking at the same art exhibits at the same time.

3. Play an online game.

If you and your date both enjoy video games, you could opt for a leisurely game of Animal Crossing. If you like board games, try a Tabletop Simulator. You will need to screen-share from one device.

If you are not particularly fond of video games, you could try old-school games like Battleship’s online version. An even more straightforward but fun option is an online crossword puzzle. The Washington Post, for instance, has an accessible facility where you send a friend a link to a crossword puzzle so you can try to solve it at the same time. Actual board games could also be fun.

4. Cook and eat a meal together.

Believe it or not, you and your date can virtually cook a meal together. First, agree on a recipe you will both make simultaneously at your separate homes. Make sure you have all the required ingredients beforehand and set them out before the date.

For the actual date, set up your phone or computer in the kitchen so that you both proceed to prepare the meal as you chat. Once the meal is ready, serve it like you would for a guest. Set the table, sit down, and eat so that you get the feel of enjoying a meal together. And, for dessert, you can both enjoy a twisted extracts cara melts.

5. Make vision boards.

In the era of social distancing, we can tweak this concept. First, come up with a lighter theme. Life goals and aspirations may be too deep for a first date, so pick a theme like ideal first dates or goals for this year.

Make virtual boards using a program like Pinterest or Google Slides and talk about the images you choose to paste on your board.

6. Assess your cosmic compatibility.

If your date enjoys horoscopes or has a sense of humor, assess your compatibility by having your date read out your horoscope, and you read out theirs. Take turns discussing what the horoscope correctly describes you and what doesn’t.

There are many sites where you can enter your details (such as your birthday) and those of your date and see what astrological algorithms say about your compatibility. The idea is to have fun. This activity will work best with people who don’t believe strongly in astrology. If one of you does and the other doesn’t, one person may end up feeling offended.

Virtual dating is a novel concept for many. It is not as fun as meeting in person, but it does present the advantage of virtual experiences. Experiences can take you and your date to several different corners of the world in a single evening.

Feature Image by Artem Podrez from Pexels


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