Stop Putting It Off: 5 Reasons Getting Regular Doctor Checkups Is Incredibly Important

Many of us tend to wait a long time before visiting our doctors when problems arise. Whether for financial reasons or the lack of time, the number of people who actually get regular doctor checkups is quite low.

But your health is too important not to address any concerns you might have. Avoiding or postponing your doctor visits can increase your risk of health issues and decrease your overall quality of life.

So, in honor of National Call Your Doctor Day, take a look at five good reasons to get regular checkups.

1. Reduced risk of getting sick.

Sometimes minor, unnoticeable symptoms can signal that you’re getting sick. Addressing these symptoms with your doctor can put your mind at ease and reduce your risk of getting sick.

Stress- and lifestyle-related conditions are very common, especially these days. So, you can avoid these issues by checking in with your doctor.

Plus, dealing with the symptoms early on can reduce how long your illness will last if you end up getting sick. And who doesn’t want that!

2. Prevention of potentially life-threatening conditions.

Screening for certain types of cancer, checking your vision, and getting a physical are all ways that we can avoid severe, life-threatening conditions.

Many serious health issues and diseases are preventable or at least treatable when diagnosed early. So by avoiding these checkups and tests, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk of health complications and even death.

Because of that, make sure to get tested the next time you’re due for one or when you get a reminder.

3. Improved overall quality of life.

We all get that occasional ache here and there — that’s nothing to worry about.

But if you experience persistent symptoms, even if they’re not too bothersome, such as poor sleep quality, headaches, or fatigue, you might want to consult your doctor.

These symptoms might not be anything serious, but they can indicate nutritional deficiencies. According to studies, many people these days don’t get enough minerals and vitamins from their diet.

Still, it can be challenging to determine which nutrients your body’s missing. But a simple visit to your doctor and some bloodwork can help solve this mystery, significantly improving your wellbeing.

4. A better handle on your health.

Getting regular checkups can help you be on top of your health. Whether you suffer from any chronic condition or not, tracking your health and any changes is incredibly important for optimal health.

Generally, you should get a physical every three years when you’re under 50 and healthy. When you turn 50, you should visit your doctor more frequently, about once a year.

You have to admit — that’s pretty doable, no matter how busy you are.

5. Lower medical costs

Some of us avoid regular checkups, fearing how much it will cost us. Unfortunately, not every country has universal healthcare, so the bills can quickly add up.

But getting regular checkups can actually reduce your overall medical expenses. That’s because any potentially serious condition will most likely be diagnosed early on when the treatment costs aren’t that high.

So, spending a smaller amount on a visit to your doctor and maybe some antibiotics is definitely a better way to save money than paying for elaborate treatment in a year or so.

Regular checkups might be bothersome sometimes. But they are truly worth it in the long run. So, if you’ve been putting off your next doctor consultation or screening, now is the time to give your doctor a call.

Your body will thank you.

Featured image via Patty Brito on Unsplash



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