Today Is National Doctors’ Day & We Owe Them A Tremendous Thank You


Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic affects the whole world, most of us forget about the people on the frontlines. Doctors, who can’t leave the hospitals to be with their own families, spend day and night trying to save the lives of all the patients in critical condition. They risk their health — and lives — to help flatten the curve and save as many people as they can. And they don’t expect much in return, either, but they do deserve our respect.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of their work, doctors all over the world are losing their lives to coronavirus. Even though they use medical masks — which no one should be hoarding — it’s almost impossible for doctors to fully protect themselves because they spend every waking hour surrounded by people with the virus.

Therefore, we should celebrate these brave individuals and all that they do for us not just today, but every day. 

The best way to celebrate National Doctors’ Day is to listen to our national health personnel. If they tell us to distance ourselves from others, we should do it. If they tell us not to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary, we should follow their advice. Listening to doctors is the only way we can stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

What’s more, when you do see a doctor, treat them with respect. You have no idea what they’re going through. They sacrifice family time, health, and sleep just to save lives. The least we can all do is respect them and show our gratitude that they’re willing to work on controlling this pandemic.

Doctors (and all medical staff) are humans, just like us. They deserve the utmost respect and appreciation, especially in these difficult times. They don’t have the luxury of staying home, so all they ask from us is that we practice social distancing. And let’s be real, social distancing isn’t such a difficult task.

To respect doctors all over the world, stay home. Distance yourself from others, especially from the most vulnerable people in our society. And listen to all of the medical professionals working on preventing COVID-19 from spreading further.

Stay safe, everybody!

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