4 Creative Ways To Surprise Your Friends Or Family With Gifts


After you find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, the next thing you need to decide is how you should give them the present. Usually, people just wrap their gifts and hand them to the recipient. However, if you love really surprising people with gifts, then you have to be a bit more creative.

If you need to find ways to add a bit of fanfare to the gift-giving process, you’re in luck. Here are a few unique ways to give a gift: 

1. Use a hoax gift as a cover-up. 

Before you buy the perfect gift from shops like GiftObserver.com, it’s important to know the receiver’s likes and dislikes. Once you know exactly what your recipient wants, buy a gift that they love and another item that they dislike. Afterwards, place both items inside a package, but make sure that the item that they dislike is immediately visible when they open the gift.

When the recipient opens the package, you’ll see their hidden disappointment upon seeing your hoax present, But after they find the actual gift, they’ll beam with joy or laugh hysterically. Well, technically, there’s no way to tell what their reaction will be, but that’s the fun part, right?

Some of the best hoax gifts are items that they’ve just bought recently or gross or scary items. However, you might need to convince the gift recipient to continue examining the package’s content in case they don’t want to open the rest!

2. Have them discover it.

This is a simple but clever way to give a surprise gift. Simply place the gift in a conspicuous location, and leave it there for the recipient to find. Put the gift somewhere  the recipient frequents, like the bathroom or bedroom. This is a nice way to surprise parents with the perfect gift since it typically doesn’t cause too much shock or tension. 

3. Take them on a scavenger hunt. 

If you want to build up the anticipation, then a scavenger hunt is undoubtedly the perfect choice. This method requires a bit more preparation since you have to hide the gift and set up some riddles for the recipient to solve. The recipient of your gift has to solve your riddles before they find the present.

4. Have an unlikely person deliver the gift.

Another way to surprise a family member, friend, or spouse with a gift is to enlist someone they wouldn’t expect to deliver the present. For example, you can request a neighbor to “deliver” the gift and coach them to act like the recipient mistakenly received a postal delivery. When the recipient looks at the package, they’ll understand the surprise.

Choosing clever ways of presenting your gift adds a more personal, humorous touch to any occasion. When you come up with unconventional ways to give a gift, you’ll make the recipient happy and make the event unforgettable!

Featured Photo by Jackie S on Unsplash.


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