5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression On Your Next Date

We all know that first impressions are essential, especially on first dates. Your date will form an impression of you based on your body language, eye contact, appearance, and behaviour generally. Here are five ways to make a good impression on the first date:

Communicate in the right way.

On first dates, communication is the best way to get to know your date and let your date get to know you in return. Think about possible questions you might ask your date so that you don’t make the whole night about yourself. If you only talk about yourself, you may come off as vain, and you certainly don’t want to give off that impression! Always keep in mind that a date is a chance to have fun and get to know each other.

Maintain eye contact and mind your body language.

To make a good impression on the first date, you should maintain eye contact as much as possible. When you give your date eye contact, you let them know that you’re listening to them and care about what they say. On the contrary, people who don’t look you directly in the eye tend to be perceived as dishonest, so don’t be that person! 

Body language also works wonders on a first date. Remember to keep your posture open and inviting, gesticulate with your hands and arms, and stand or sit tall with your shoulders back.

Take care of your appearance.

Appearance is an important way to make any first impression, whether it’s a first date or something else. Your clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup all play a role in making the perfect first impression . Make sure that your nails are clean, your hair is washed, and you smell fresh. And definitely your gums and breath too! If you find it a problem and it is a little stinky, be sure to book an appointment with the dentist in Charlotte for a needed cleaning. Choose appropriate clothes, too, and don’t go overboard with your makeup. For most first dates, you can put on some blush and lipstick, and eyelash extension. This look will save you quite a bit of time before your date! 

Set your phone to silent. 

Nowadays, mobile phones have become omnipresent, and we tend to stare at our screens all the time. When you’re on your date, set your phone to silent and put it away. That way, you’ll ensure that it won’t distract you from your time with your date. 

Remember to be yourself.

Of course, on top of everything else, we shouldn’t forget to be ourselves. After all, you don’t want your date to get the wrong first impression of you, right? So be honest about who you are and act as naturally as possible – your date will like you for who you are!

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll feel more confident.This may even be the date that leads you to your forever person!

Maggie Holmes is a passionate blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, travel and business. Her hobby is surfing the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article-writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. Follow her on Twitter.

Featured Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.


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