Newly Single: How To Know If You’re Ready To Date Again


Relationships can feel complicated. We often think that we have found the one. But sometimes, it ends up being an illusion. For some, a breakup can go smoothly. But for others, it leaves an open wound.

Regardless of how emotionally stable and strong a person is, dealing with a breakup is still difficult. You suddenly feel a void where your partner used to live inside your heart. Emptiness and the lack of motivation might be overwhelming.

After a breakup, many people end up asking themselves: what do I do now? Is it a time for a break from dating? Am I even ready to date someone else? Should I just find hookups and live a life with no commitments? Or maybe finding someone else can fill that gap? 

The way we organize our thoughts on dating is completely dependent on our emotions. Here are a few simple tips to help you figure them out.

Get ready for a fresh start.

No matter which path you take, you need time to process everything that has happened. Take as much time as you need to adapt to your new reality. This might take only several days for some, or months for others. Yet, without a clear, fresh mind, moving on and starting the new era in your life might be challenging. 

Try out online dating.

With technology’s wide availability, online dating platforms have evolved as the primary places to meet new people. Hundreds of millions get online in hopes to find a perfect match, casual sex, or friends. If you want to get a grasp of your feelings on dating again, such platforms might be a perfect place for you. 

However, despite their practicality, online dating can be toxic and full of disappointing experiences. To avoid such inconveniences, try avoiding apps particularly known for being a hub for this kind of negativity. 

Instead of the traditional platforms, try out Taimi and Bumble. These apps are great for people who want to start dating again but don’t just want casual relationships or sex.

Getting online and trying out talking with people will give you a hint on how your inner self is feeling. You can take some time to reflect on your experiences online and decide whether you would want to have a real-life interaction with some of the people you met there. 

Do what you have always wanted to do.

Leading a busy modern life leaves us with very little time for doing things that we enjoy. Everyone has a hobby or something they have been wanting to try for a long time. Well, this is just the right time for you to grab the knitting needles from your grandma’s closet. 

Spending time doing what you love will certainly help you decide on the need for a new relationship. The entire process will even give an idea of what kind of an arrangement you need. 

Share your thoughts about the breakup with your loved ones.

Spend time with your friends or family and do not forget to share your thoughts with them. A second opinion is always needed, even when it comes to our personal lives. A third-person perspective will give you a completely different view of your situation. 

If you are not feeling comfortable with your friends, family, or others around you, worry not! Approaching a therapist is always a great idea. These professionals can be a great asset in helping you process your experiences and organize your thoughts.

Feature Image by DocuSign on Unsplash


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