9 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Ending Soon


You feel like you’re walking on a tightrope and if you make one false move, your relationship will be done and shattered in pieces. It’s like the two of you spend every moment skating on ice that is two seconds from cracking, only to leave you two to drown.

The struggle is real and the pain in your heart is deep. The reality is your relationship is on thin, thin ice when you feel like that. Here are 9 signs your relationship is in trouble and you may be headed for a breakup.

1. He’s moody.

Your partner is about as predictable as the weather. You have no idea what to expect every time you see him or her. Will your partner be moody? Available? Not available? Will your partner be attentive or distant?

Why don’t you flip a coin and take a guess? That’s when you know your relationship is on thin ice.

2. He’s making sudden plans… without you.

Suddenly, seeing your partner is like making a reservation at some fancy trendy new restaurant. He or she is busy. He or she is doing something else, with someone else.

Usually, you’ll know your relationship is going up sh*t’s creek when your partner starts hanging out with people you don’t even know. It also doesn’t seem like your partner is willing to introduce you to these new BFFs, which makes you rather suspicious.

3. He’s put up an emotional wall.

Trying to figure out what your partner wants becomes akin to cracking the Rubik’s cube or unlocking a vault. It’s a delicate dance in which you try to not offend your partner, push your partner too much or ask the wrong “sensitive” questions that might cause your love to flip the heck out.

The closeness you two had is now clearly divided by a wall that your partner is reluctant to tear down.

4. He never thinks you’re right.

It seems like no matter what you do, your partner always thinks you’re wrong. You used to be able to predict how he or she would respond and what would make this person happy. Now, you’ve got no clue.

5. He always says no.

And when you do ask your partner questions or try to make this person happy, it seems as if the answer is forever and always no, no and no.

6. He compares you to his ex.

Remember when your partner thought you were the best? Yeah, well, those days are over. It seems like with every chance he or she gets, you’re being compared to an ex.

“He did it this way.”

“She would have never said that.”

Even though the ex has been out of the picture, it’s like your partner is bringing up “relationship injuries of the past” while internally wondering where your future with her goes.

7. He makes you sick to your stomach.

Your stomach operates as the following: queasy, nauseated or puking. The tension and instability of your relationship are making it so you are sick to your stomach with worry, wondering when the shoe will drop… or not.

8. He changes his wardrobe.

You catch a look at your partner and she’s all dressed up with supposedly nowhere to go. Or he’s flexing his abs and shaving up but only going out with the boys. Yeah, right.

This is one of the signs your relationship is in trouble and your love is going out to scope out the scene and assess if there is someone better out there. Yeah, it’s sh*tty.

9. You feel it in your bones.

And really, it seems like all it will take is just one more fight for it to be over. You don’t want it to end, so there you are, praying for things to change course even though deep inside you know that with one break, your partner will be gone.

Originally written by Laura Lifshitz on YourTango

Photo by Timur Weber via Pexels


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