5 Reasons Turning Your Rebound Into A Relationship Is A Bad Idea

You’ve just ended things with a long-term partner and it’s a confusing time and life on your own is new to you. It can be a very difficult and overwhelming time in anyone’s life. In fact, going through a breakup, no matter how long the relationship lasted can come with a lot of varying emotions. We must go through the various stages of grief and mourn the loss of the relationship that at one point brought joy into our lives. As a result, it is inevitable that some ways to cope with the ending of a serious relationship is to find a rebound to simply get your mind off the whole ordeal. However, it is common knowledge that a rebound is simply that – someone that takes your mind off of the ending of the previous relationship. It is never something that should be a serious long-term solution. Before you think about settling down with a rebound, consider these reasons why it’s the worst idea ever.

He’s Probably Really Similar To Your Ex

It’s very common. After a turbulent breakup, it’s inevitable that we want to make an ex jealous. And sometimes we may think that getting into a relationship with someone will show our ex what he could missing by leaving us. However, if it didn’t work out with your current ex, what make you think getting together with someone that reminds you of him, or has the same personality would be any different? Because it won’t and you will just end up broken-hearted all over again.

Feelings Are All Temporary

The attraction you currently feel to this new rebound you’ve picked up will eventually fade away. Soon enough you will find yourself bored by his presence and wanting something different. Once you start getting over your ex, with time, the feelings you think you have toward your rebound will fall by the wayside and you’ll simply be able to move on to something more meaningful.

You Are Avoiding Being Alone

This is cause for a disaster. After a breakup, it is important to look within and get to know yourself a little better before jumping into another relationship. Depending on how long you and your ex were together, they may have been some inner growth that occurred or needs to occur. And that can only happen by taking some time to be introspective and examine what you want out of life, out of a new relationship, who you want to be. Having friends and loved ones around to help support you is a much better alternative for handling a breakup then getting serious with someone who is a temporary rebound.

You Are Still Confused And Hurt

It can be really easy to fall victim to thinking that a rebound has relationship potential when you are fragile. When a long-term relationship ends, it can be extremely hurtful especially if you were the one that was left. And depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the breakup, getting dumped is tough on our emotions. As a result, dragging someone else into the chaos of your current emotional state is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, it is better for everyone if you just release the need to dive into something serious with any rebound.

Another Rebound Is Just Around The Corner

It’s inevitable that getting into something serious with a rebound will end up causing you to get hurt again and find another rebound. This can be a very dangerous and emotionally taxing cycle to experience. As a result, having the courage to stop the bad decisions and instead choosing to make better choices for your sanity should be the number one priority in your life after any breakup. In fact, a great way to know when a rebound has run its course is to set a short time limit and then move on with your life.

In the end, while it is totally healthy to have a rebound after a relationship eventually ends, getting serious with a rebound is obviously a terrible idea. In fact, being careful about getting serious with anyone soon after a breakup is something we all have to be aware of while dating. As a result, make sure you don’t get involved with any rebound because it is totally not worth all the pain that will inevitably come its way.

Featured image via Tan Danh on Pexels


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