8 Reasons To Smile Because It’s Finally Fall

For those of us who live in places who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience four seasons, we know that there are pros and cons to each time the season changes. Every time the season changes, you’ll see articles claiming why that particular season is the best season ever. I’ll be honest, I am forever a summer lover but even I can admit that there are cons about the summer weather. Fall holds a special place in my heart (maybe because my birthday is in October) especially since there are literally no cons to this season. To celebrate the first official day of fall, here are eight reasons why fall is undoubtedly the best:

  1. The Weather Is Perfect
    You’re not dying of sweat like the summer, freezing your toes off like the winter, or struggling to stay out of the rain like the spring. Things just get a bit calmer during the fall season, it’s almost like the perfect temperature for two months straight.
  2. The Leaves Are Changing Colors
    You can’t deny how nice it is to hear a crunch in your steps as you’re walking or how beautiful the trees look as the leaves change color. Also, no matter how old you get, the excitement of jumping into a pile of multicolored leaves will never diminish.
  3. All The Festivities You Get To Celebrate
    First, you get to stuff your face with half-price candy and alcohol during the Halloween bender. Secondly, you get to go home enjoy a nice four day weekend with a home-cooked meal and indulge in some shopping during Thanksgiving. The break is long enough that you can enjoy being with your family but short enough that you don’t get overwhelmed like Christmas or the summer breaks. It’s really a win/win situation for all!
  4. Every Fall Activity
    Since you don’t have the weather as an excuse to not do any fall activities, you better take advantage of all the cute fall activities – if anything, it’ll make for a cute insta and show everyone on snapchat that you’re doing something other than watching netflix. Between apple picking, baking pies, pumpkin carving, hayrides, corn mazes, or going on a hike to see the leaves – there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy.
  5. The Fashion Is Impeccable
    Since you don’t have to wear minimal clothing to stay cool or bundle up completely yet – it is the perfect time to show off your style. It’s a great opportunity to play around with your outfits. Layer up in thick socks, cute boots, fashionable sweaters, big scarves, or a dress!
  6. Everything Is Back!
    As an avid sports and TV fan, fall ranks as one of my favourite seasons because I can stop counting down the days and have my favorite sport and shows return again. In addition to all my shows returning, NFL football starts back up meaning that I have a reason to be in front of my television every single day.
  7. The Last of the Festivals – Hometown Fairs!
    Yes, summer is over but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of festival season. End it with a hoorah by going to your local fair. If you’re living in a big city, search ones in neighbouring small towns – there’s bound to be one. They’re overpriced, probably unsafe, and will most likely take you back to your high school days. However, there’s usually musical acts, a ferris wheel, arcade games, and most importantly, it’s your last chance to munch out on festival food until the summer.
  8. Last But Not Least .. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
    I know, I know – basic AF but did you really think we could make a list on why fall was the greatest without including them? They may be basic but those pumpkin spice lattes are delicious. Well, anything pumpkin flavoured is acceptable and probably the best way to celebrate the season.

To celebrate today, you can catch me enjoying a nice PSL while taking advantage of the weather and going on a walk. Summer may be over but the good times can still last a little longer!

Featured image via Dana Tentis on Pixabay


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