4 Simple Steps For Your Healthiest, Most Beautiful Hair

I love beautiful hair just like any other girl. My gorgeous hair is one of the things that makes me feel happy and confident. I receive lots of compliments about my hair, but that hasn’t always been my story. It has been a long journey of learning, experimenting, and researching to get my healthiest, most beautiful hair. 

When I dyed my hair, it left me with bad split ends and a receding hairline. That was my turning point. I decided to find a hair care routine that would keep my hair healthy and shiny. A few years into my hair routine, I’m totally in love with my hair. Here’s how you can get your best hair too:

1. Know your hair type.

Creating a hair routine starts with knowing your hair type. This is important because your entire hair routine will revolve around your hair texture. Your hair type determines the products that you can use and your cleansing routine. I learned that there are different types of straight hair, and I used professional help to understand my hair subtype. The experts in one of the reliable San Francisco hair salons helped me a lot.

My hair’s straight with a little wave underneath, so it’s type 1C. It’s also coarse and frizzy, which makes it a little bit hard to maintain. However, I have mastered what my hair needs are — how to care for my hair and choose the best products to keep it looking beautiful.  

2. Develop a cleansing routine.

Developing a cleansing routine is a no-brainer for people with every type of hair. However, the shampoo that you use and the number of times that you cleanse your hair boils down to your hair type. I try to wash my hair twice a week, but sometimes I wash it just once when my schedule is too tight. 

I’m also a workout fanatic, so my hair gets sweaty and greasy quickly. I use dry shampoo between washes to get rid of excess oil. I make sure to use it sparingly, though — it builds up on the scalp when you use it too often.

My go-to shampoo is sulfate-free. I also make sure to use leave-in conditioner after every wash to minimize breakage and moisturize my hair. I also use a deep conditioner once per week — which is crucial for hair damage repair. Most importantly, I use lukewarm water when I wash my hair. Hot water strips away the protective oils that give hair its natural shine.

3. Know how to dry and style your hair.

Putting too much heat on your hair isn’t good. That’s why I just use a microfiber towel and let my hair air dry. However, I grab a hair dryer every once in a while, and when I do, I use a heat protectant.

Additionally, I use a wide-tooth comb to detangle knots in my hair after each wash. Regardless of your hair type, it’s good to avoid using brushes when your hair is wet — they can pull out your hair.

I mostly use gels and mousses to style my hair. I also avoid putting my hair in tight ponytails whenever I can, and I usually put my hair in a loose bun when I sleep. Sleeping with your hair in a bun helps minimize pulling and breakage.

4. Trim your hair regularly.

Trimming your hair is important in order to prevent split ends and promote healthy growth. Professionals say that trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is ideal. However, you can go longer without getting your hair trimmed if you don’t use a lot of heat on it. I go about nine or 10 weeks before I get a trim.

Creating a hair routine that works for your hair type can feel daunting — especially with all the confusing information out there — but it doesn’t have to be. I’m glad that professionals showed me how to get healthier hair and that I have my perfect hair routine down. Now it’s your turn to take small steps towards healthy, shiny, beautiful hair!

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


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