How To Reset Your Default Emotion To ‘Happy’


Everyone seems to always be pursuing happiness and wanting to know how to be happy, but happiness should come naturally and easily. And if it doesn’t for you, there’s a way to reset your mind and make “happy” your default emotion.

Happiness is a state of mind, a state of being, and an art. And we create happiness in our lives by taking specific steps. In each moment, we choose what we focus on and what we do. In doing this, we create our own reality. Every second, we are creating our hologram of being and our state of happiness.

Our mindset is vitally important to our feelings of happiness. 

What we think about is a choice. But oftentimes our mind goes to a default program created from our past experiences. When we allow our mind to go back to past situations, the emotions from those experiences, good or bad, come rushing back to us. They keep us in the past and prevent us from truly experiencing the present moment to its fullest.

How do we know what our default program is?

One way to know is to start to notice what our mind drifts to when we are not doing a task.  What thought comes up? That is the default place our mind goes to when it is free to pull up anything it chooses.

When we have any thought, it carries energy with it and creates pathways in the brain. The more we think about a subject, the stronger that path in the brain becomes.

If we are thinking about past hurts or traumas, then the path can become very strong. It can start pulling our mind back to those thoughts, simply because it has created such a strong connection. 

To get off the old worn pathway of thoughts and create new, more joyful ones, we have to recognize that our mind is doing this. 

We must choose to release those old (sometimes negative) thoughts. And we must refuse to allow them into our present moment and state of mind if we want to achieve happiness. This way, we nurture ourselves by taking a new path and avoid thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us.

Consciously choosing a new, positive, and more present time, thought, and focus can help move our mind away from our old patterns.

Each morning, as we awaken, we should choose how to approach the day. We should choose to do it with a cheerful, grateful heart, thankful for all of our blessings. This state of being is positive and brings forth joy in our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

There are times when we may need to change what we are doing to create a new, higher energy feeling and shift our state of mind. We can take a walk outside, or listen to uplifting music. When we do this, we start creating a higher vibration and get our mind on the present moment. We are making new pathways in our brain that will start to offset the old patterns by creating newer, stronger, and more positive connections.

It is a choice. It may not always seem easy, but if we concentrate and focus on doing this, it will get easier. Any time we start to do something new, we are creating change. Going for positive change and focusing on positive, present-day moments can be a powerful way to create true peace in our hearts. This can help manifest new possibilities for being happy.

Whenever fear or doubt come into our mind or heart, it automatically lowers our vibration and becomes like a vortex leading us onto a downhill slope. We can avoid this by simply recognizing it, and actually forcing our mind to think of something more constructive. When these fearful thoughts come into our mind, Gregg Braden (an internationally renowned scientist who has combined science and spirituality) teaches that you should say “Not To,” and immediately think of something else.

Writing down your worries will get them out of your mind. Afterwards, write down all of the miracles, both small and large, that have occurred that day. However small they are, they are going to build your energy in a positive direction and help your mind focus on the positive aspects of your life.

We want to cultivate a daily habit of creating positive change in our lives. And the power of thinking positively is a wonderful place to start. 

As Socrates once said, “What we think about, we become.” Words can be very powerful. Having a positive vocabulary is an effective step in embracing a more joy-filled life.

I remember a blind lady that I worked with once, named Milly. She was not wealthy. In fact, she was very challenged financially. Every time I saw Milly, said hello, and asked how she was doing, she would always greet me with a cheerful smile and answer “I am blessed.” It was truly her state of being. The other people in our group that I worked with didn’t always feel the same way that she did.

But as she attempted to learn new skills to help her maneuver through her life without being able to see, her positive attitude stayed with her and created a happy place for her to live, in her heart and her world. In addition, it made a more happy place for all of us around her.

I also volunteered at the homeless shelter for many years. I was always amazed at the kind, peaceful, and happy attitude so many of the people carried with them during the day. It was inspiring and heart-warming.

Everyone faces challenges in their life in one way or another. But we choose how to react.

If we choose to react with kindness, love, and peace, then we may just get that back in return. Focusing on the present moment, looking someone in the eye, connecting on a heart level, and responding in a loving way can transform situations in miraculous ways. 

When we choose to have a calm, peaceful, and positive state of mind, happiness can truly be a state of being.

Originally written by Nancy Addison on YourTango

Feature Image by Gian Cescon on Unsplash


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