3 Reasons Writing Is Such An Important Part Of Life

There’s a reason we write, even if it’s for fun. There’s also a reason why we’re secretly suckers for the written word. But, regardless of the reason, you and I know that writing is more than putting pen to paper in an attempt to dig for words that we can only express in this form. So, dig a little deeper with me to find out why writing is such an important part of life and why it’s a vital activity in 2022.

1. You can feel unified and as part of a community

For one thing, writing is a little more than a past-time. It’s a way for me to feel that I belong somewhere. Since high school, I’ve loved writing. But it wasn’t until college that I began to grow serious in the craft and started making friends with others that share the same or similar passions.

We often don’t know how to fit in with other groups. But there’s something about being around writers that’s so special. Many of us have other hobbies like theater, comics, and even hair styling, so there’s always a group represented in a room full of writers.

2. You can be yourself

Like every other part of us, writing allows us to be vulnerable and learn a thing or two about ourselves without judgment. Together, writers open up more and learn through experiences by asking questions about lyrical poetry or looking for the inspiration behind a certain book chapter.

No matter what it may be, writing can help us capture this elegance we possess with the written word. Many of us find it hard to express ourselves. But with writing, you’re welcome to dive in and share as much as you’d like til your heart’s content.

3. Writing lets you deal with the good and the bad

Writing is what releases us from the stresses of everyday life and helps us make it through another year. We tend to hold onto so much that there’s no healthy way to let it out. However, it’s a coping mechanism we can use when we’re under stress or suffer from depression.

Personally, writing is what helps me in many moments — both good and bad. So as you find your happy medium this year, give writing a shot. You may be surprised with the things you put onto paper, and you’ll feel connected with those around you who want to hear what you have to say.

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