7 Advantages Of Getting A Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

A massage session is one of the most relaxing treats. It’s a great practice that takes away tension and leaves your body feeling nice and loved. Massage therapy is an especially great option for soon-to-be mothers. 

We all know that pregnancy results in massive changes in the body, and you may experience some pain and discomfort along the way. However, you can address most of these pains by regularly getting a prenatal massage.

If you need some more convincing, here are seven advantages of getting a prenatal massage during pregnancy.

1. Helps relieve back pain

Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy and can be pretty uncomfortable. So, as the body changes and adapts to the extra weight, you may deal with some back pain. The pain may range from mild to severe and affect the lower, middle, or upper back.

Getting a massage will help relieve back pain by relaxing the muscles and reducing the tension they may be holding. So, take some time to get a back rub and ensure it is done right. 

It’s best to go with professionals from the WTHN clinic in NYC or any other certified massage clinic. However, you can also ask your partner to do the massage but urge them to be gentle.

2. Reduces swelling

Swelling is a pregnancy symptom that primarily develops in the third trimester. It features blood and bodily fluids that pool in one area and lack better distribution throughout the body.

The swelling commonly occurs in the feet and ankles, making it difficult to keep active and move around. However, a nice massage can solve this by encouraging a more effortless blood and fluid flow in the body.

3. Promotes better blood circulation

Blood flow increases significantly during pregnancy to help support both you and your child. However, this increase comes with a higher risk of developing blood clots and blood pooling, as mentioned earlier. 

Going for regular massage sessions will help ensure that the blood circulation is free-flowing without any issues. Therefore, invest in your parental massage to stay healthy and support your baby’s growth. 

4. De-stresses you

Your baby responds to your emotional state and can pick up a lot while still in the womb. Therefore, you need to find ways to reduce everyday stress to provide the best environment for your baby.

The body changes, financial worries, and hormones can all contribute to your stress, but it’s up to you to distress. Finding ways to do this is essential for both you and your baby.

A prenatal massage is a great way to stay zen and release stress. You’ll leave your session feeling more clear-headed and confident that you can push through the pregnancy journey with ease. 

5. Enhances relaxation

Hormones play a significant role in your pregnancy journey. They change and shift in ways that leave your body feeling slightly off. However, a massage can help fix this issue and leave you feeling better.

During your massage, your body will release serotonin and dopamine — hormones that help enhance the sense of pleasure in your body. These sensations help boost relaxation and leave you feeling like you can take on any task. 

6. Increases the mother-baby bond

Slowing down to smell the roses and enjoy your pregnancy journey is essential to help you build a nurturing bond with your baby. 

With reduced stress and a boost in relaxation, you get the time to give a nurturing touch to your baby bump and speak to your little one. 

Regular massages will help you stay present and focus on the journey rather than the destination and all the things that await you. Your bond with your little one will benefit greatly too. 

7. Improves sleep

Insomnia, leg cramps, and back pain are common problems you may face during pregnancy. They all contribute to a lack of sleep, leaving you exhausted. In addition, you’re at a higher risk of getting depression or other illnesses. 

However, getting a prenatal massage regularly will help relieve the constant pain and release serotonin which will help keep you relaxed. It will, in turn, improve your sleep and significantly impact your pregnancy journey. 

There are many ways in which a prenatal massage can help you during your pregnancy. After the first session, you’ll notice a huge change in your overall mood and well-being, from reduced pain to improved sleep.

Featured image via Anthony Tran on Unsplash


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