6 Creative Sex Games For Couples To Play

Sex is a deeply intimate act that can be lovingly romantic or fiercely passionate. It’s a form of communication that allows you to connect on every level, especially as you learn one another’s turn-ons. For long-term couples, great sex is all about spicing it up in the bedroom, trying something new, and letting go of inhibitions.

Sensual games are a way to explore your interests together. They allow couples to get creative, finding new ways to reach each other sexually. Keep that flame burning night after night with these six games for couples. 

1. Sexy Cards and Dice

Some people can be shy about sex, even when they’ve been with their significant other for years. Adult games are a non-threatening way to break the ice and get the foreplay started. By engaging in conversations about sex in a fun, relaxing context, you can set all fear of judgment aside.

Plus, adding some heat to your sexual recipe kicks it up a notch. Spicy games will allow your imaginations to run wild and free. From cards to dice, these games bring your and your partner’s desires out into the open. Now all you have to do is act on them!

Watch the walls come tumbling down as you set the mood with a little truth or dare, or learn about each other’s fantasies and kinks. 

2. Dress Up and Roleplay

Knowing each other well is part of being in a relationship. But sometimes a liberal dash of mystery and intrigue is just what you need to turn up the heat. Dress up and roleplay to bring creativity to your sex life, prompting both partners to vacate the ordinary by acting out a shared fantasy.

Roleplay doesn’t always demand dressing up as Marilyn Monroe or Tarzan (although it can). Sometimes, the two of you might want to meet in a public place, pretending that you’re seeing your partner for the first time, becoming uncontrollably and instantly attracted to each other. The thrill of the unknown is part of the erotic excitement .

Planning the parts you’ll play and the costumes you’ll wear is part of the fun, with both partners contributing to the creative process while the anticipation grows.

3. Find the Chocolate Sauce (or Honey)

You’ll need a blindfold for this one, loving couples! Intensify your physical intimacy with this DIY sensual game, which cheekily counsels, “Seek and ye shall find.”

One partner is blindfolded. Only after the blindfold is in place does the other partner pour some sugar on it. Place a small amount of warm chocolate sauce, honey, or another sweet, delicious substance somewhere on the body. 

It’s now the blindfolded partner’s mission to find the sweet treat, exploring their partner’s body with only their mouth and tongue. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a recipe for unbridled passion!

4. Strip Twister

Who doesn’t love the time-honored party game of Twister? This game has always been a little provocative, but imagine having to take off a piece of clothing every time you lose your balance and fall. Who knows,it may even inspire some new sex positions.

In couple’s Strip Twister, one partner will be the designated “spinner,” and whoever has the most clothing on at the end of the game wins (or loses, depending on how much of a hurry you’re in to seal the deal). Adapt the rules to your naughty purposes, or add other players if that’s where your sexual explorations are taking you.

5. Feeling the Vibe

Taking sex out of the bedroom is a risqué behaviour that can stay your little secret. For example, vibrating panties have tremendous potential for upping your erotic fun, even in public.

Put on your vibrating panties before leaving the house for dinner, a movie, or even a night of roller skating. The key is that you each hold the remote for the other’s vibrating underwear. Whoever achieves an orgasm first wins! 

Imagine the fun you’ll have teasing each other while everyone else in the room remains clueless.

6. A Sexy Surprise Every Month

Anticipation is half the fun when it comes to sex. So, imagine waiting by your mailbox for the arrival of a sexy subscription box every month. Choose options full of lacy lingerie, stimulating toys, and even games that are selected just for you and your partner. 

Loaded with everything from lingerie to lubes, a sexy subscription box always delivers something exciting. Couples looking to revive a tired sex life will even find spicy little boxes designed to reignite the spark between them.

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, even in the bedroom. So, try a variety of these sensual games tonight, and enjoy your time together like never before.

Photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash


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