7 Steamy Sex Positions You Aren’t Using But Should

There are plenty of areas in our lives where we could use a little adventure. One of the best examples of that is definitely the bedroom (or the living room, or the kitchen, or the shower…). Even the most passionate couples could use a little creativity to feed the flame. Whether you’re in a rut and want to spice things up during sex, or you’re just looking to impress your lover with some never-seen-before moves, there are plenty of sex positions you can try. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

An underrated choice, in my opinion. Not only does it feel great for the person on top, but it also gives the person on the bottom an opportunity to relax and enjoy the view. This is also an excellent position for some spanking or hair pulling if you’re into that kind of thing.

2. Lotus

Ready to feel totally connected? Have the person on the bottom sit cross-legged while the person on top sits in their lap with their legs wrapped around their waist. This is a great way to slow things down and get some eye contact going. This position makes neck kisses and back scratches easier if you want to add a little more flavor.

3. The Half-Bend

If you like hitting it from the back, this is another sexy way to do it. For this position, one partner stands behind the other, bending them over something like the bed, couch, desk — dealer’s choice, really. Here comes the kicker: instead of pushing their torso all the way down, the partner in the back pulls the lucky person getting bent-over closer to their body. This creates a great opportunity for a quick makeout, neck kisses, choking, and boob grabbing. It’s a slightly more intimate way to take it from behind. You can even incorporate the person in the back using some hair pulling or choking in order to get you closer, if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Look Back At It

Okay, okay, let’s get down to it. You know you’re hot, and you clearly think so is your partner. So why not put on a bit of a show? That’s right: take things over to the mirror, so the two of you can see your good time from all angles. You can try out the half-bend with this one if you have a mirror over a dresser or vanity. You can also strategically place a mirror beside the bed, so you can catch a glimpse whenever you’re feeling like it.

5. Butterfly

For this one, the receiving partner should lie back on a bed, or whatever surface you prefer, with their partner standing up in front of them. The person lying down lifts their legs straight up to rest on the standing partner’s shoulders. Not only does this give you a little space for eye contact, but it definitely hits a few unique angles that can feel great for both partners during sex.

6. Against the Wall

Is there anything sexier than being pushed up against a wall? I think not. So why not take things to the next level? Having your partner lift you up and press you against the wall while you get into it feels fantastic, and it’s also super fun.

7. Bound Cowgirl

Want a little more in the neighborhood of cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and the rest of the wild west? If so, you might have a great time with “bound cowgirl.” For this one, all you need to do is get into that regular straddle position we all know and love, but with an added twist. The partner on the bottom gets to pin your hands behind your back while you’re riding. This can be a great option for those who love a little power play while feeling the excitement of the classic cowgirl position.

No more hitting the same three moves session after session! There are so many super fun sex positions that you can try out, which are sure to spice things up. You may not even be able to pick a favorite, so keep experimenting.

Featured image via Tim Samuel on Pexels


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