3 Tips for Staying Safe During Winter Storms

There’s nothing more magical than the winter’s first snowfall. As temperatures drop, you can look forward to cozy evenings snuggling under blankets by the fire, watching the snow come down while sipping a warm cup of cocoa.  

Experiencing the magic of winter in a cozy, comfortable environment takes some preparation. Storms and adverse weather conditions can pose challenges that are important to consider. Here are five ways you can prepare to enjoy this season carefully. 

1. Stock Your Shelter

People have two basic core needs: food and shelter. You can create a safe and cozy space for yourself by thinking ahead and outfitting your home to serve your needs, even in the worst winter weather. 

Here are a few principles to consider as you prep your home for this season

Back up Your Backups: Instead of getting one flashlight, have two or three. Make sure you have extra batteries and a way to charge your phone if the electricity goes out. Stock blankets and tune up your fireplace if you have one. 

Stock Your Pantry: Ideally, you’ll have time to run to the store before a big storm. However, everyone else will probably have the same idea, so it’s best to stock up beforehand. It’s a good idea to keep enough food and toiletries in your house for two to three weeks if you have room. 

2. Prep for Outings

In addition to winterizing your home, it’s wise to prepare before exposing yourself to outdoor conditions. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice vary depending on geographic location and weather patterns, so remember to check the forecast for your area before making outdoor plans. 

Dress in warm layers before you leave home. It’s always better to take too many clothes than not enough. Remember that wind chill will affect the total outdoor temperature. If you use a wheelchair, it’s important to check waterproofing and prepare the wheels for cold and ice. 

Your car can handle winter conditions better with snow tires. Cold weather often reduces air pressure in tires and can freeze your emergency brake. Keep your vehicle up to date and stash a go-bag in the trunk with blankets and other necessities. 

3. Always Think Ahead 

Most of the time, you can leave your house with little more than your wallet and car keys. However, winter weather means you need to think carefully before making even small decisions. Never underestimate how quickly cold temperatures can impact your personal safety. 

For example, snow and ice could affect your daily outdoor running routine. A weekend trip that would be easy in the summer might need to be rescheduled if heavy snow hits your area. In general, last-minute decisions are never a good idea in winter weather – unless you’ve already planned for every possibility and checked the forecast.

Even in today’s overly connected world, it’s essential to form a winter communication plan. Downed power lines, icy roads, and no way to charge devices can make it challenging to stay connected during emergencies. Always ensure you have numerous ways to reach your friends and family and let them know how you’ll contact them ahead of time.

Are You Ready for Snow?

Winter is a wonderful season that invites reflection, rest, and a slower pace of life. However, like the animals that prepare for hibernation during the cold months, people also need to get ready for harsh winter weather.

Preparation and thoughtfulness are key to experiencing a safe and cozy winter. Once you’ve stocked your home and prepared for any outdoor adventures, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the season – along with any dangerous weather it may bring.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels



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