6 Things That Will Make You Feel Good & Give You A Confidence Boost

Recently, on March 26, we celebrated National Self-Confidence Day. Sock It To Me talks about how when we feel confident, this feeling spreads and encourages others to be confident as well. Everyone likes to look and, more importantly, feel good. We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded by societal pressures and messages about how we should look, dress, and act. At the end of the day, though, only we know what makes us feel our most confident. Personally, the following six things make me feel good, so try them if you need a confidence boost!

1. Putting on makeup

Usually, I’m one of those people who don’t leave themselves enough time in the morning for anything other than getting my butt out the door. On the days when I do have some extra time and decide to throw some makeup on, I can instantly feel my confidence rising. I have more days when I don’t wear makeup, so when I do, putting on just a little to make my eyes pop really helps me feel good.

2. Surrounding myself with the people I love

When we surround ourselves with people who love us for all of our ins and outs, we can feel our confidence rising. Usually, compliments come naturally when you are with a close friend or relative. After all, everyone enjoys being lifted up now and again.

3. Listening to my body

I remember talking to one of my close friends, who said that she is incredibly in tune with her body. This always seemed so surreal to me. Now, I get it. Our bodies give us physiological cues of what we need. When we are more in tune with our bodies and what they need (rest, hydration, movement, stretching, etc.), we have more balance. Feeling good will naturally help us exude more confidence. 

4. Practising self-care

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with listening to our bodies. We all enjoy being pampered from time to time, and it doesn’t require going to a spa or nail salon to do so. Doing a face mask, taking a bath, and painting our own nails are all things we can do to take care of ourselves. As mentioned above, when we care for ourselves, we feel valued, and then feelings of confidence follow. 

5. Having an at-home dance party

Some of the most fun I have is when I’m home alone, dancing around my kitchen to some fun, upbeat music. In moments like those, all of my worries seem to fade away. For once, I’m not thinking about all of my flaws or ways I am “less than.” My song recommendation to start with? Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.”

6. Looking In The Mirror

My best friend knows I struggle with confidence. So, a few weeks ago, she encouraged me to go look in the mirror for two minutes a day and give myself compliments. As you could imagine, this sounded completely ridiculous to me. I often can’t think of one compliment for myself, let alone two minutes’ worth. The first few times I did this, those two minutes felt like gym minutes (we know those are longer than regular minutes). Now, I schedule this like I do any other commitment, and I can truthfully say it’s been working. Some days, I even just look in the mirror and laugh, and it helps my confidence rise. 

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. If you try some of these things, they may help get you there. Do you have a fail-proof way to make your confidence rise? Let us know below!

Featured image via Matheus MMK on Pexels


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