7 Vegan ‘Hidden Gems’ In Brooklyn, New York


My vegan journey has been a wild ride. I’ve had my fair share of smoothies and salads, tried new foods all around the world, and had to settle for fries as a meal. I’ve eaten vegan in every city you can think of—from Amsterdam to Rio De Janeiro — LA to London. Think of a place, and I’ve probably eaten through it vegan.

Nowadays, I’m a Brooklynite, and I maintain that there’s no better place in the world to be vegan. In fact, there are so many vegan spots in Brooklyn that it’s tough to name them all. And while every Brooklyn vegan probably knows Champs and Modern Love, there are so many more plant-based hubs to discover. Here are seven of my favorites:

1. Brooklyn Whiskers

This adorable coffee shop is a sweet little breakfast spot nestled in Bushwick, complete with everything you need to kick off your morning. You can stop in for a quick muffin and take your coffee to go, or you can hang around for their bananas foster french toast. They also have another location in Greenpoint now!

2. Renegades of the Sunset

Ready to head down South for this one? By that I mean South Brooklyn, but this cool plant-based spot also has some serious cowboy vibes. Located in Sunset Park’s Industry City, this cornerstone of comfort food is small but mighty. From their breakfast sandwich to their fried plantains, you can’t go wrong with this star-studded menu.

3. Vodega

If you’re spending your day in the city, all you need to do is hop the train to DUMBO for this delicious dive. The name says it all—this is the go-to spot for classic NYC sandwiches, made completely vegan. The place itself is small, but don’t worry—you can take your food to go and have an impromptu picnic in the park, complete with a view of the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

4. Amituofo Vegan Cuisine

In the mood for some sushi? How about veggie spring rolls, cashew chicken, and Buddha bowls? Well, this place literally has it all. This adorable Bushwick eatery offers a variety of delicious all-vegan Asian food. So if you’re missing those spicy tuna rolls from your pre-plant-based days, Amituofo is the place to go.

5. Ras Plant Based

If you’ve never had Ethiopian food, you need to head to Ras Plant Based in Crown Heights. Ras uses a selection of organic, local ingredients and has a menu full of dishes perfect for sharing with the table. Seriously, try their Difin Missir. It’ll blow your mind.

6. Seitan Rising

The pun-tastic name isn’t the only thing to love about this Bushwick breakfast spot. Whether you’re looking for delicious vegan breakfast sandwiches, sweet treats, or even just some killer coffee, Seitan Rising pretty much has everything you could ever want.

7. Screamer’s Pizza

Since we’re talking New York, you obviously need a pizza recommendation. With locations in Crown Heights and Greenpoint, Screamer’s is the place to go for vegan pizza. Go totally classic, or try out one of their original creations like the Green Scream or Artichoke Pie. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of their delicious pizzas.

I know, I hardly scratched the surface of all the delicious vegan options right in my own backyard, but Brooklyn is way bigger than it seems, after all. If you’re looking for vegan cuisine, come to Brooklyn and try these vegan gems! 

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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