6 Unique Date Ideas That’ll Get You Excited About Fall

The colder seasons don’t have to mean staying in as a couch potato with Netflix. The bright colors and harvest season have a lot to offer a curious and adventurous couple.

Fall time is the best time to make memories together. From pumpkin beer tasting to hot air balloon rides, try these six fun activities to heat up your relationship as the cool weather sets in.

Pumpkin Beer Tasting

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes — pumpkin beer is the real fall beverage. If you’ve ever tried pumpkin-flavored beer, you know it can often go one of two ways. You’ll either be questioning why it’s so foamy and sweet or you’ll ask for a second round and a bonfire to sip beside.

So, here is your mission lovely couple. Search for breweries in your area. Procure the pumpkin beer for an at-home tasting or mini bar crawl. Develop your own rating system and crown the rightful King or Queen of Pumpkin Beer! Who shall win? Only you decide.

Bonfire Beaus

There’s nothing in life you can’t fix with a good, old-fashioned bonfire. Burn away the old and nestle up to your sweet one for extra warmth. It’s the perfect excuse to get close and cuddly — as if you needed one!

All you need is a fire pit and the relevant supplies of logs and matches. To make your date even more special, make your S.O. some comfort food — a toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup, chili, roasted chicken or s’mores.

Pottery Class a la Ghost

That scene from Ghost gets you every time you watch the movie. Surprise your S.O. with a prepaid pottery class which comes in the form of either a one-day workshop or a month-long series once a week. The softness and flexibility of the wet clay can leave all sorts of romantic things to the imagination. Plus, you develop a new skill!

Go to a Haunted Attraction

Use Find a Haunt to locate a haunted location near you. Be prepared, though — many of these search results will provide you with attractions for entertainment rather than earnest, scary-story hauntings.

If you search your local area online, you’ll likely find a haunted location in your state. Some trips may take you across a haunted bridge or to a restaurant or theater that welcomes all patrons, even if they’re only interested in a cup of coffee and a good story. Respect private properties and do not trespass.

Always abide by the rules of where you are visiting. Respect private properties and ensure you never trespass. Ask in advance if you can bring your own camera or audio recorder to capture the spooky sights or sounds, or head to a haunted attraction with actors for the scare of a lifetime. Just because someone made it up doesn’t mean the scare isn’t real!

For more thrill-seeking adventures, take up the challenge of getting out of an escape room. You might find yourself pitted against your best self as you race against the hourglass. Neural networks come alive as your senses heighten and you work together with your significant other to escape before it’s too late. It can be a fun mindless adventure or a test of your relationship, learning about each other along the way.

Go Apple Picking and Picnicking

This type of date is just too cute, which is why apple picking has remained a seasonal favorite for families and couples throughout the years.

A quick search online will find an orchard waiting for your eager basket. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery with your love at your side. Apple orchards have become a hub for fall entertainment, offering music, games, hayrides, mulled wine tastings and festival vendors for a fun-filled morning and afternoon adventure.

What do you do with all those picked apples? You cook together! Bake pies, muffins, Danishes, applesauce and apple butter. Or make up your own little bobbing for apples game!

Take a Hot Balloon Ride

Before the cold sets in, take a hot balloon ride with your significant other. Riding a hot air balloon allows you and your partner to take in a 360-degree view of your surrounding area. Tour the Napa Valley wine region in a hot air balloon or travel overseas to Turkey or Kenya and enjoy a mesmerizing ride there. Hot balloon rides are the fall rage all around the world.

Fall is such a romantic time of year — the leaves aren’t all that’s falling, if you know what I mean! Fall deeper into love as you take a pick from any of these activities and build sweet and romantic memories with that special someone. Whether that’s next to a bonfire with a piece of homemade apple pie or in a bar sipping on pumpkin beer, it’s sure to be a beautiful memory.

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