6 Tips To Help You Design The Perfect Resume


Being a student is one of the most challenging yet intriguing stages of our lives. The memories of student life stay fresh long after we leave our universities. But, it is a rarity to find educational intuitions that imbibe soft skills among their students, such as writing a cover letter or preparing a resume. It is undeniable that the most challenging resume of our lives is the most probably the first one that we write. Simultaneously, thanks to the Internet Era, we can research and craft a thoughtful resume. You can come across relevant tips for students to design a resume. 

The first step of entering a workforce begins with writing a resume. It is noteworthy to highlight that the lexicon of a resume is distinct from formal letters and posts. If you are looking for tips to design a meticulous resume, you are at the right place. We have curated few pointers that will guide you in creating a seamless resume for your following interview.

1. Look for Samples

The first step in building an optimal resume as a student or a fresh graduate is browsing some student resume examples. Before even writing or musing about your resume, review examples and samples of resumes that match your employment area. Thereafter, you can decide on the resume format and style that best highlights your strengths and achievements.

2. Use a Template

In case you are a novice in writing a resume, opting for a template will help you get a head start. A resume template enables customization, and you can add your information and alter it to illustrate your skills and competencies. But, even while using a template, it is essential to remember that Hiring managers scan a resume for merely 25 seconds. Hence, you should format your templates concisely and precisely. Wide margins, clear headings, and the appropriate use of bold and italics typeface can help the reader grasp more from your resume within a couple of seconds.

3. State Your Achievements

While stating your achievements in your resume, make sure that you use bullet points to draw the reader’s attention to them. Also, if you have any experience as an intern, volunteer, etc., focus on mentioning what you did at your past work and not describing the tasks and duties. You should prioritize the content of your resume accordingly and place the most relevant and vital experiences first. Another simple tip to amplify your resume’s quality is to use a simple font that is basic and easy to understand.

4. Optimize Your Resume for Your Field

We know that building a customized resume for each job may seem like a hassle, but the reward is spectacular, to say the least. Both Hiring Mangers and bots prefer concise resumes that are to the point. Furthermore, it is essential to intelligently optimize your resume by using subtle color highlights on areas that you want to draw the reader’s concentration to, using a linguistic style that is your own yet accessible by bots, and keeping the resume under two pages.

5. Provide All Your Contact Info

Although it may seem like fleeting advice, many a time, people forget to mention their complete contact information in the resume. Therefore, you must be careful enough to incorporate all your contact information, such as your full name, address, city name, zip code, phone number, and email address, so that your employer can get in touch with you quickly. Furthermore, if you have a LinkedIn profile, don’t forget to include it as well.

6. Send as Instructed

Lastly, while sending or emailing your resume, read the employer’s instructions carefully. At times, the recruiter may want your resume attached to the mail and sent in a particular format like a Word document or a PDF. Therefore, don’t skim over the advisories and send your resume properly to the Hiring Managers.

Designing a resume as a student or a fresh graduate may seem daunting. But, by following the steps mentioned above, you are cleared half the hurdles. Make sure that you use keywords that appear in your job description and use language that is easy to grasp. In a nutshell, you should remember that getting a job is not easy, and you might have to design and send quite a few resumes before you get hired by your desired company. But, the vital thing is not to lose heart and keep striving.

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