6 Things Every Cat Owner Knows Too Well

If you own a cat, you know firsthand that they are the most adorable and the most fickle pet all in one. A cat lives by its own agenda and no one else’s. 

Anyone who says cats don’t have a personality have clearly not been around felines very much. Cats can be cuddly, playful, boisterous, and many other things. Here are the six things that always ring true when it comes to cats.

1. My Way or The Highway  

A cat will get whatever it wants, whenever it wants and if you try to persuade them otherwise, they will quickly tell you differently. 

My cat typically gets fed early in the morning on days I work. However, he has now become a creature of habit. Even on days off at 4:30 on the dot, he starts howling and does not stop until someone wakes up and feeds him. Terribly frustrating, but also ridiculously cute. 

2. No Matter What Brand of Litter You Buy, It Will Stink 

Let’s face it. Cat litter stinks. It is to be expected that a small plastic box full of tiny pebbles used as a bathroom for a pet would. However, no matter how many brands market as odor-free or fresh scent, the reality is there is no amount of genetic engineering that can mask that ammonia smell.

3. Laughs are Guaranteed 

If you ever want a laugh, watch the cats versus cheese video. That’s right – if you throw a slice of cheese on a cat’s back, it will lead to a total freak-out that will have you in stitches. 

And that’s not where the laughter stops. Try a laser pointer. Hours of fun are to be had.

4. There Are Cat People and There Are Dog People 

Cats aren’t for everyone. Some people think they’re gross, some are allergic. Others are just used to dogs and can never see the benefits of owning a cat. Then, there are others who love all animals. 

However, I am a first-hand witness to dog people also becoming cat lovers. My fiance has had dogs her whole life. She mentioned wanting a cat and we got one in February. The two are now the best of friends. 

She wonders what he’s doing when we aren’t home and she’s constantly cuddling or playing with him when we are. The way she looks at him with such admiration is truly adorable. She is living proof that those who were once not cat people can become them.

5. One Word: Catnip 

We mentioned ways cats bring on the laughs above, but for more guaranteed entertainment, try some catnip. They make everything from catnip bubbles to the actual grass your cat can chew. 

When a cat has catnip, they are guaranteed to become a ball of sporadic energy that is too funny to watch. 

6. Everyone has a Little Piece of Heart for Cats- 

Whether or not you don’t like cats, you have more than likely hummed the Meow Mix jingle or shared a Grumpy Cat meme. You may have even shed a tear when the beloved cat died. Even if you can’t see yourself owning one, cats may have a small piece of all of our hearts. 

Are you a cat person? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image by Japheth Mast from Pexels


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