4 Reasons Cats Are The Purr-fect Pet To Own In Your Twenties


Most of my friends are “dog people.” Their families always owned dogs, and they often talk about which dog breeds they want to own in the future.  On the contrary, I’m a “cat person” (my family had nine one summer!) But now, my friends are starting to gravitate towards owning cats, and they’re seeing the appeal in owning a pet cat that I’ve known for years.

As my friends are learning, cats are the perfect pet for anyone who’s in their twenties. Here are four purr-fect reasons why:

1. Cats are low-maintenance.

Cats are highly independent creatures, and most only require you to provide for their basic needs. Some cats like to snuggle, some like to play, and some just like to sleep, but they don’t need much besides occasional quality time with their people. This makes cats the ideal pet for anyone with a hectic lifestyle.

2. They’re good for busy people.

Because cats are so independent, you don’t have to worry as much about how your busy schedule affects them. As long as your kitty has plenty of food and water and a clean litter box, she’s probably fine – provided you give her a bit of love once you get home from work. On the contrary, dogs require a lot of attention and plenty of walks throughout the day, which can be difficult to provide if you’re busy. The moral of the story? If you want a furry friend, get a cat!

3. Cats are more likely to be apartment-friendly than dogs are.

Not every apartment allows pets, but those that do often allow cats over dogs. Most “pet-friendly” apartments allow at least one cat but may only allow smaller dogs or a certain combined poundage of multiple dogs. You can also keep your cat indoors if you live in an apartment, rather than needing a yard, which would be a necessity for a large dog.

4. They’re less messy roommates than your actual roommates.

I live alone with my cat, and having her with me makes me feel comfortable. If you own a cat, you’ll feel less alone, and strange noises in your apartment may even feel a little less scary. Cats make great roommates – and you don’t need to argue with them about the mess in your apartment!

Some people will be dog people forever, and others believe that all cats hate them, but hear me out: Cats are the perfect pet. They’re low-maintenance but loving, and they’re great companions. If you’re unsure if you want a cat, go to your local shelter and interact with the cats. You just might find a kitty that loves you, and then, you’ll have a furry companion to accompany you in your twenties!

Featured Photo via Pexels.


  1. That’s a good article. I adore cats. Have one myself but I watch cat videos during my break in the office. What a great creatures.

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