Why I’ll Always Be The Girl Who Loves College Football

Believe it or not, I’ve always loved college football. In fact, my two favorite teams are the Kentucky Wildcats and the Alabama Roll Tide. My love of football usually surprises people, though. Most people see me as a bookworm, but I definitely enjoy watching a good game, too.

So why do I love college football?

For starters, I love it because it’s always exciting. The games give me a constant thrill. In college football, you never know which team will win the game. In a matter of seconds, the losing team could suddenly catch an amazing interception or successfully complete a long pass for the touchdown they needed to turn the game around. So when you watch a college game, you’re always in for a treat.

I love college football because it brings people together. Whether you tailgate with your friends or take some appetizers over to a family member’s house for a watch party, watching football always provides an opportunity for you and your loved ones to gather, eat, and socialize. You can turn all the action into a drinking game or just kick back and have a good time. But no matter how much you watch, college games will bring you closer to your favorite people.

I love college football because it gives me a reason to scream and shout. Watching my favorite college games is a form of weekly stress relief. While I cheer for my teams and yell at the bad ref calls, all of my own college (and everyday life) stress melts away. I love the rush of emotions I feel while watching football, too. While I watch the game unfold, I feel very focused on each moment.

I love college football because it’s fun to look at all of the guys in their game day uniforms. Honestly, I love the way the players’ asses look in those tight uniform pants and the hilarious (yet sexy) dances my boys do in the endzone. I mean, have you seen Kentucky Wildcats tight end Patrick Henschen? Ooh la la!   

Most importantly, I love college football because it makes me feel like I belong to something much larger than myself. It’s amazing to watch everyone come together to support their favorite teams or alma maters. Regardless of our differences or individual challenges, football season makes us into a community

Yes, I love “girly” things, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t like college football, too. I’m the girl who loves college football and I always will be.

Feature Image via Pexels


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