5 Herbal Teas That’ll Give You The Morning Boost You Need


Doesn’t everyone want to start the morning off with a cup of warm tea and some positive affirmations? If you’re a tea enthusiast who enjoys trying out versatile herbal teas, then keep reading. From the daisy-like flowers of chamomile to the refreshing leaves of peppermint, we have five great teas that will boost your productivity and help you start your day off on the right foot.

1. Cannabidiol Tea 

One of the best herbal tea extracts to include in your daily life is CBD tea. It is a non-psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant and possesses many therapeutic abilities. CBD tea helps in fighting cancer symptoms and insomnia. All you have to do is consume a cup of CBD tea in the morning for a rejuvenating start. 

2. Chamomile Tea 

Another herbal tea famous for its calming effects is the chamomile or Matricaria chamomilla. You may include the chamomile tea in your morning routine for rejuvenating the mind. Also, it promotes a better sleep routine and enhances your cognitive pathways. You can prepare the chamomile tea using minimal ingredients like chamomile extracts, hot water, and ginger. It improves your digestion and accelerates the assimilatory processes of the gastric system. 

Chamomile also has a lot of lifestyle benefits and promotes a stable pre-menstrual cycle. Hence, it helps with bloating, mood swings, and sleeplessness in the long run.

3. Peppermint Tea 

If you’re looking out for a refreshing morning tea that curbs the lethargy, then peppermint can be quite beneficial. It contains many active components like menthol and menthone. The herbal tea acts on many vital organs and ensures a salubrious body. On top of this, a cup of peppermint tea in the morning may relieve migraine-like headaches. It freshens up your breath and keeps the conditions like halitosis at bay.

Prepare the peppermint tea using the peppermint leaves and some hot water. All you need to do is add the leaves to boiling water. Top it up with some lemon or ginger for the much-needed flavor. Serve the tea with some healthy snacks to kickstart the morning. 

4. Lavender Tea

Are you fond of the purple buds and the attractive fragrance of the lavender plant? You may try out the herbal tea extracts prepared from it. Lavendula is a potent herb used in anxiolytic therapies like aromatherapy. Also, it contains many active constituents that incorporate the health benefits. Some chemical components like linalool and linalyl acetate stimulate your brain’s receptors. 

Also, lavender tea balances out your mental state and reduces depressive episodes. You are likely to get rid of the cognitive impairments and mental issues with lavender tea. All you need is the lavender buds to prepare a cup of warm and relaxing lavender tea. It may improve your nutrient reservoir with potent vitamins and minerals.

5. Hibiscus Tea 

For people with a sweet tooth, a cup of hibiscus tea may be the right way to start the mornings. The herbal extract incorporates a tart-like flavor to your tea and a refreshing aroma. Also, Hibiscus is rich in chemicals like alkaloids, L-ascorbic acid, and anthocyanin. All these chemicals make it quite suitable to fight off the oxidative stress in your body. Also, it can reduce the accumulation of free radicals. 

Make sure to prepare the hibiscus tea using only the flower extracts. You may add other herbs like cinnamon and enhance the tasting notes. You can also try various other blends like peppermint and lemon, kratom tea by the best bulk red bali kratom online, rose tea with saffron, to make you feel instantly transformed. 

A morning routine is quite essential to kickstart your day and achieve the much-needed energy. If you like the subtle taste of tea, then you may modify your tea preferences a bit. With herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile, you can enhance the mental as well as physical health. The herbs like lavender, shroom, and hibiscus make way for a savory yet healthy cup of warm tea. It improves your cognitive abilities, balances the digestive processes, and boosts your energy levels. Start your journey towards natural therapy right away and include the herbal teas for maximum rejuvenation.

Feature Image by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash


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