6 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas You Can Buy For Anyone

Christmas is coming. That also means,  the chaos is coming. The time is now to prepare for the madness we know is coming but still push off because “we have time.” Because I know how much I hate the holiday rush, I try to knock out my Christmas shopping as early as I can.

Let’s face it, it can be very hard trying to figure out what to get everyone. From family to friends, partners and coworkers, it’s a lot of different types of people we are trying to please. And it’s also really hard to keep it on a budget. So here are different gift idea’s you can get for just about any adult and do it for a cheap price, that can even be included in a group gift.


No one can have enough headphones. It’s become pretty standard for us to have multiple pairs so why not get a decent pair for a special someone. They’ll appreciate it! And they don’t have to cost a lot.

Artsy Travel Mugs/Water Bottles

They are so ‘in’ right now and you know that the person is going to get a lot of use for it. And I don’t just mean on your Instagram. Plus, the best part about a travel mug is  you can fill it with packets of hot chocolate or different tea. It’s a great way to get rid of those free tea samples you’ve been hoarding for years! Or you could just include a gift card for a coffee place you know they love, it’s up to you!

Candles/Scented Oils

People love candles around the holiday season because it brings them a sense of comfort and relaxation. Plus, scents are sentimental around the holidays and play a huge part in our memories. You can get a candle or two from different stores such as Bath&Bodyworks, HomeSense and pretty much any retailer for fairly cheap.

A Christmas Ornament

Every year I like to get my family members an ornament from the Hallmark collection. Except I get them for much cheaper from Walmart. They have everything from the classic movies from our childhood like Frosty and Rudolph to Harry Potter, Disney and Superheroes. For $7.99 it goes a long way!

An Inspirational Mug & Hot Chocolate Kit

Inspirational mugs can be found anywhere and will be used for many years afterwards. What I think is so great about adding a hot chocolate kit is that it’s an adorable addition to include! At Chapters/Indigo you can get a carrot-looking kit full of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows as well as broken candy cane or something else festive as well. Put that inside and voila!

A “Why I Love You” Board/Picture Frame

One thing you could get, especially for an employer or someone you really don’t know that well yet is a picture frame with someone’s name in it. Then around their name you put words to best describe them. You can also include another fancier picture frame with a picture of you two in it or a group photo you know they’d appreciate. It’s personable and uplifting.

Gift shopping can be hard, but as long as you have a few basics you’ll be golden. Plus, if you have multiple people from different parts in your life you have to buy for you can always get multiples and duplicate them! Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor.

Featured image via Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash


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