Why You Should Date Someone Who Believes In Everything You Do

You may feel compelled to compromise your self-worth, to continue to stay with your partner even though they diminish your hopes and berate your dreams. But you secretly wish they would lift you up instead of weighing you down, that they would celebrate your potential and encourage you to strive higher instead of staying small to appease them. And you’ve spent so long shrinking down your ambitions to acquiesce to your partner’s desires that you wonder if you will ever date someone who supports you in every way.

But if you wish you didn’t hear that you’ll never achieve your dreams, weary of constantly doubting your potential, exhausted from the battle of aiming for the heavens as your partner pulls you deep underground, date someone who wholeheartedly believes in everything you do.

Date someone who supports you unconditionally.

They’ll understand the depths of your soul, your motivations, your insecurities, your passions, your reservations in life. They’ll hold your head above water in times of conflict, granting you the benefit of the doubt, reassuring you that you acted in the best way you could. And they’ll prove that your successes could never diminish your own. They’ll love you both when they excel and when they experience great loss, putting their faith in your character and your capability at the forefront no matter what.

Date someone who has faith in your abilities.

They’ll speak highly of your talent no matter who occupies the room, praising your capabilities, your drive, and your potential. They’ll remind you of your value even as you reach your lowest point. They will reassure you that your stumbles aren’t indicative of your final destination. They will promise you that you will survive your doubts and fears about your ambitions. And they’ll never cause you to wonder if the path that fulfills your heart doesn’t suit you, reminding you that your dreams are worthy of others’ belief.

Date someone who encourages you to pursue your wildest dreams.

They’ll reassure you that no ambition is out of reach, that no matter how much you doubt yourself, you have the potential to succeed. They’ll stand by your side on every step of the journey, comforting you through your doubts and fears, promising you that your hard work will pay off, cheering you on as fervently as if your success were their own. And they’ll refuse to let you believe that anyone else deserves your ideal life more than you do, reminding you that you have the passion, talent, and vision to carry you through to the other side.

You’re accustomed to hearing all of the ways in which you’ll never measure up — in your attitude, in your actions, in your career. You’re tired of your partner’s constant disparagement as you diligently work towards your aspirations. But when you finally find a partner who believes in everything you do, you’ll discover that you’re worthy of the support you seek — and of pursuing all of the dreams that fuel your fire.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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