Goodbye Algebra: 12 Useful Classes We Should Have Had In High School

It’s probably been a while since you’ve skipped the halls to your locker in high school. But somehow, that seemingly small moment has become a memory of our lives. We’ve all been there — high school — whether we hated it or not. We made friends and learned a lot in those four years. However, did we learn enough to say that we were ready for adulthood? What classes were missed?

Here are 12 classes we should’ve had in high school: 

1. The Tax System

Everyone dreads filing their taxes. Learning about taxes and returns is such an obscure process and a great hassle. But the only way to become more familiar with it is through education and practice.

2. Personal Finance

It’s easy to spend money. Whenever you walk outside, you probably splurge on a coffee. Many of us try to save money but do we follow through? Most of the time, no. If a personal finance class were mandatory in high school, many of us would’ve realized the importance of saving money sooner than later. 

3. Introduction to College Life 

Whenever a high-schooler binge-watches a Netflix show about college life, they think of it as a utopia. Although that may be true sometimes, a sense of reality must be kicked in. The dark side of college that includes stress, lots of coffee, and breakdowns isn’t well-known but should be.

4. Student Loans

Nothing is more confusing about college than student loans. To prepare high-school students for life after graduation, there should be a course covering different types of loans and the consequences of taking them.

5. Adulthood

This most challenging aspect of life should be a course for high school students. Heck, adulthood is more confusing than AP physics. This course should include lessons such as relationships and real estate to prepare students to live independently.

6. Interviewing 101

Many students want to find a job during college. But with the job market becoming more saturated, students need to find a way to stand out. One way to do this is through an interview course, where students are taught communication skills. Once they finish, they’ll be more confident.

7. HTML 101

If there was a course focused on HTML, students would have more creative freedom to build their websites and zines. It would also expose them to more jobs.

8. Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) 101

SEO is a difficult subject to learn — college graduates are still trying to figure it out. However, having a basic knowledge of SEO will help high-school students to market their blog. Plus, they can use those skills to become an influencer if they want to.

9. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a newly-researched topic. Unfortunately, cyberbullying incidents are common, so high-school students should be aware of the internet’s dangers. 

10. Racial Justice and Cultural Intelligence

The justice system continues to be flawed around the world. Since every generation is becoming increasingly culturally diverse, students should learn more about different values and traditions. As a result, they will become more open to learning about other countries and backgrounds.

11. Harassment and Sexual Violence 

Harassment and sexual violence are huge issues nowadays. Therefore, students need to learn the differences between victim blaming and victim empowerment, harassment and friendliness, as well as discrimination and criticism. Some of these issues are difficult to navigate, but when students learn the disparities, they can advocate for themselves and their peers.

12. Gender identity and the LGBTQ+ Community

A course about gender identity should be part of the high school syllabus since it helps students learn about the history of pronouns and the oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. This will make them more aware of the different people surrounding them. 

Since the world is becoming more competitive, high-school students need to learn a wide range of skills and classes to prepare for the future. By learning about social justice, gender identity, and cultural intelligence, students will be more critical of our society and value diversity. On the other hand, taxation and personal finance classes will allow them to prepare for adulthood and the job market. After all, high school should teach its students good habits and in-depth knowledge, as those four years will pass quicker than expected.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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