The Real Reason You Should Be Posting A Nude Selfie

I’m not the first to admit that there’s controversy surrounding fully nude selfies posted on social media, or even half-nude selfies for that matter. Nudes are less than celebrated on popular platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, but people do it anyway. And, as a result, others complain.

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on Instagram showing off her body au naturale. She received both backlashes as well as praise. Many complained that a mother of two should not be posting such racy photos for her millions of followers to gape at. However, some praised the 35-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star for being proud of how good she looks after popping out two babies.

I’m among the praisers.

Here’s why I stand with Kim. As much as we want to bash her for her scandalous sex tape and less than brilliant tweets, she is still a person. And as a person posting photos on an innocent social media platform, she’s onto something here. First of all, she did it without caring about backlash. Let’s be honest, a popular celebrity will always receive hate no matter what they do, so why not do whatever the f*ck they want anyway? Secondly, she did not do it for pornography purposes. It was censored, if your mind fills in the details, that’s on you. Point being, you did not physically see any “prohibited” body parts. So, why complain? And finally, whether you believe it or not, she was not doing it for attention or to cause a stir. I’m sure she knew it would, but that wasn’t her intention. She knew showing off her post-baby body would get backlash anyway, but you can’t deny that for someone who just popped out a tiny human, her body still looks fantastic.

Everybody and their mom can admit they’ve talked down on the Kardashians, but today, I’m admitting that I think Kim posting that photo was one of the better things she’s done in her life. Yes, technically she’s giving young girls the idea to post nude photos online which in retrospect doesn’t sound like the greatest role model, but it does come with the greatest life lesson a girl can get: be proud of your body.

Natural curves. Body hair. Tattoos. The list goes on. Let the world see that you’re happy with your body. Please don’t let others influence your decisions with what you do and don’t do with your body, it’s not theirs to live in. Nobody but you has the right to your body.

Encourage other people to be happy with their bodies.

By posting your empowering nudes, you’re showing others that it’s okay to be happy with the body you live in. I mean, you’re stuck with it for your whole life, so you might as well be. Show the world that it’s okay to feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t be ashamed of what you have. Post-stretch marks. Post extra skin. Post whatever the f*ck you want, just do it proudly. #MySkinFitsMe. I’m going to do all I can to get this powerful tag trending.

Featured image via Ava Sol on Unsplash


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