5 Productive Apps You Should Spend Time On Instead Of Social Media

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We’ve all picked up our phones to do a single five-minute task…only to realize that we just wasted an hour doing absolutely nothing on social media. If you’re noticing that your time online isn’t productive, you might want to consider trying apps that will help you develop positive habits. Here are some free apps that are all worth downloading:


MultiTimer is a customizable, aesthetic way to manage your time. Whether you track meditation, writing time, or even screen time, you can use this app to set multiple concurrent timers. Setting time limits on your activities will ensure that you have enough time to accomplish everything you want to.


Sleepio can help improve your sleep efficiency. It uses science-based suggestions to track the time you spend in bed versus the time you actually spend sleeping. The app has six sessions that teach you how daytime activities, including alcohol use and exercise, affect your sleep quality. Upon “graduation” from the final session, you’ll understand everything from managing nighttime intrusive thoughts to building good sleep hygiene. 

Life Cycle 

Life Cycle seems like it has a simple concept, but it can yield powerful results. The app asks you to label the locations that you frequent and tracks how long you spend at different places over time. It combines location and health information to give you a visual representation of where you spend your days. Life Cycle is a great way to see where you’re most productive and where you spend a little bit too much time.


Medisafe reminds you to take supplements and medications at regular intervals. It can even double as a log for your healthcare team or loved ones. You can customize the pill appearance, dosage, and type to match your medication regimen, although many are pre-set.


Happify offers science-based games and activities to help keep your brain happier. (According to their website, 86% of frequent users reported feeling happier in 2 months.) The app uses progress bars to represent skills that it emphasizes, including empathize, savor, and revive, and it has specific activities to improve each area. The engaging content helps you become more positive, so you should definitely check it out if you’re feeling the winter blues!

If you feel unhappy and unproductive when you scroll through social media, don’t be afraid to try a different approach. These five apps will help you become healthier, happier, and more productive, so with their help, you’ll be living the dream!

Featured Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.


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