You’re The Reason That I Now Live My Life For Myself

You are the cure to all my madness. You’ve done something that I could only ever dream of.

You made my world quiet.

I grew up hearing my parents’ angry screams and my sister’s loud voice echoing with insults. I only heard loud murmurs of nonsense in the school hallways and my boss’ stern voice replaying like a broken CD. When I met you, though, all of that noise faded away.

Constant annoyances of everyday life shrink into tiny sounds in the back of my mind when I’m with you. You make everything in my life better… and quieter.

You make me incredibly happy, a level of happiness I never thought existed. You’ve shown me that life isn’t as bad as I thought. I had always assumed that the noise was simply part of life. I never realized that I could choose to ignore it all.

I never realized how much I cared about what everyone had to say until I met you. With you though, none of that nonsense matters anymore. I stopped caring about every little thing I heard while I am in your arms. I’ve found an enormous amount of sanity and tranquility in you.

I now know that all the noise is what you make of it.

You taught me that noise can wash away like water if you let it. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so badly… well, besides you.

You’re the reason that I now live my life for myself.

You made all my noise, drama, and problems disappear. All I hear when I’m with you is the thumping of your heart and the ringing of your laugh.

Life is better with you because you make my world nothing but a whisper.

You’ve taught me to let go of all the complications and sadness. You’ve shown me that letting go is exactly what I need to be happy.

Your love has already taught me so much, yet I yearn to learn so much more from loving you. I look forward to everything else you will teach me throughout our journey.

You make the rumbles in my life nothing but a part of my past.

When I’m with you, I don’t listen to all of the noise. You make me better than I could ever fully express in this moment. All the words in the dictionary could never do you justice; you are indescribably wonderful. All I can do is show you the infinite love you’ve given me as I love you back with every ounce of myself. I just hope that my love is good enough to keep you around for a long time because love is this new, quiet world with you.

Featured Photo via Pixabay.


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