5 Gift Items You Should Purchase On Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner (hello, November 29th) so a lot of retailers are beginning to give us hints as to what we can expect. Some are actually revealing what sales they’ll be providing, while others are still keeping it a secret. Regardless, these sales are truly the best time to treat your family and friends (as well as yourself) to some gifts they normally wouldn’t get. 

To help save you some time in advance, here are some gift suggestions you should consider this Black Friday. 

Urban Decay Palette

For the makeup lover in your life, splurge on a palette that they either really love, or the one that they’ve been dying to try. Urban Decay traditionally gives at least 25% off the entire site, which includes their famous Naked palettes, in addition to other amazing deals. So you’re sure to save some big bucks even on some other products too. 


Everybody knows that a good pair of sneakers (or running shoes, as some may call them) are on-trend. Luckily, this year on Black Friday, stores like Adidas are offering their most popular shoes (in every shade) for as cheap as $66! That’s literally half the price. All you need is the right shoe size and you are good to go.


For any lady in your life, a wristlet is always reliable as they’re bound to use it. There are so many high-end stores such as Coach, Kate Spade, or Michael Kors, which offer great Black Friday deals and wristlets are always included in the sale where you can get them really cheap. Personally, I’ve gotten Coach wristlets for as cheap as $11, so who knows what you might find this year. 


For the techy in your life, or the fitness feen, a FitBit is a great gift. Not only does it help encourage people to walk more to meet their daily goal, but it also tracks your sleep patterns and heart rate. You can get these literally anywhere so I can’t give an exact price as to which stores will sell them the cheapest, but be sure to check out stores like Best Buy, Amazon or even any sporting goods stores. 

Noise-canceling headphones


For anyone who likes their music loud, a set of headphones is the route to go. Amazon will be offering Mpow H12 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones for as cheap as $50 with other great brands at reduced costs as well. So the variety is endless. 

These five gift suggestions can help you save money and save you time on deciding on the right gift for someone. It can be a rush sometimes to try and find the right gift for the right price, and sometimes when you see deals as good as these, you just need to jump on the opportunity. Happy shopping and may the sales be in your favor! 

Featured image via Jonas Leupe on Unsplash


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