‘Positions’: Ariana Grande’s New Song Highlights That Women Can Truly Do It All

Ariana Grande has always been known to drop completely incredible songs, and the music videos never disappoint. They always have such a powerful meaning behind them, telling us more about Ariana Grande than we went in knowing. Early this morning (midnight, to be exact), she dropped her newest hit “Positions”, also rumored to be the titled name of her next album, expected to drop one week from today on October 30th. 

In the video, Ariana starts in the oval office looking classy in a Jackie Kennedy-esque outfit, gloves, hat, and all. She’s surrounded by people she trusts, such as her mother, friend, childhood best friend, and the “Positions” co-writer. 

Screengrab from music video

The song itself has a great pop-trap beat, and she’s making the point that women can in fact do it all. She mentions being in the kitchen, bedroom, and the line, “I’m in the Olympics the way I’m jumping hoops.”

Throughout the video, we see her in the oval office with people that are postal workers in real-life receiving awards for what they do – which they undeniably deserve. After all, postal workers are some underrated heroes. We also see her in the kitchen cooking, in the bedroom looking sexy, and flash between the three scenes quite a few times. President, bedroom, cooking – yes, we definitely agree that women can do it all

Screengrab from music video

Ariana is making a powerful statement, and social media agrees.

Cooking in the kitchen – And I’m in the bedroom – I’m in the Olympics the way I’m jumping through hoops – Know my love infinite nothing I won’t do.

At the beginning of the song, some fans have noticed that there’s a long pause in the word “repeat”, while she’s talking about her new love, dragging out the word a fair bit, hoping she doesn’t re…peat history. Read that again. Re-peat… re-Pete? As in Pete Davidson? 


It’s not the first time this ex-couple has taken jabs at each other through their own platforms, where Pete has made Ariana the butt of many jokes during his stand-up comedy routines, and even on SNL. It’s not too farfetched to believe that she would do the same, making note that she’s hoping her new relationship with Dalton Gomez lasts.

“Boy I’m tryna meet your mamaOn a Sunday – Then make a lotta love – On a Monday”

Throughout the song, she mentions the excitement of wanting to meet his mother. That’s a huge step for any relationship. She expresses her love for her new beau in a unique way. The way she expresses her love for him isn’t a typical way to say, “I love you,” but it’s heard loud and clear. It’s not a shock that she’d hope the relationship didn’t take the same downfall as her notorious relationship with Davidson. 

Overall, the song has some cute aspects, expressing her love and desire for the new man in her life. We’d hate to believe that this song is all about the men in her life, though. The video shows that a woman is capable of anything, becoming president, taking care of her home, and her man, and that’s a powerful message. 

Ariana is speaking for women, we are powerful, and we can do anything. This powerful song has reunited Ariana with collaborators that were on board with “thank u, next” such as Tommy Brown, and the co-writer Victoria Monet. She also brings in songwriter Nija Charles – who happens to be one of the people standing next to her in the oval office in the video, along with being a co-writer of “Rain On Me”. 

While Ariana shows herself as the commander in chief, with cabinet members being the people she trusts the most in in her life, we need to remember that the time to vote is NOW. We have two primary presidential candidates and the time to vote is closing in on us soon. 

Screengrab from music video

A few very important messages this song leaves us with, depending on which angle you’re choosing to look at it:

1. Be careful in relationships as to not repeat history.

2. Women ARE capable of doing anything and everything.

3. Please, remember to vote in the upcoming election. 

Needless to say, this song may come with some deeper meanings, much like some of Ariana’s earlier songs, and we are absolutely loving it.


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