Essential Steps When Moving Out Of Your Parents’ Place

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So, you have officially decided that it is time to leave the nest. The place you’ve known as home all your life. Moving out of your parents’ home can be very exciting but also stressful. This crucial undertaking is a process, so you want to make sure you plan accordingly to make the move as easy as possible. Hence, here are a few things you may want to figure out before your big move.

1. Make A Move-Out Plan

A good first step to take is to make a move-out plan. Having a plan will make things run smoother for you and your parents during the transition. Talk to your parents about what you plan on doing and where you’re going. This is a big step for them too. Letting their child go on their own is bittersweet. Decide on a date for when you plan on moving. By setting a date you will be more prepared and you will stick to the plan. Find a location you’d like to live in and begin your search. You never know – something might catch your eye! By doing this you will also be able to decide on a budget.

2. Establish Good Credit

Another necessary step to take is to work on establishing good credit. When purchasing a new home or even renting a new place to live, landlords look for good credit. Most places will run credit checks to make sure you are reliable and able to pay rent each month.. A good credit score will open many options for people who are living on their own for the first time. 

3. Save Money

Moving out on your own will require money. If you are choosing to rent a place, you will need to have enough money for the first month’s rent, as well as a security deposit. Most places will also require a pet deposit and possibly pet rent, so if you have pets, keep this in mind. If you buy a home, you will need enough money for a down payment and possibly closing costs. You may also need money to pay a realtor. There are many ways a person can begin to save. For example, cutting back on eating out, making coffee at home, and cutting back on shopping expenses. Another good way to save money would be to open a savings account and put a certain amount of money away each week. 

4. Have A Garage Sale

Throughout the years, we tend to collect a lot of things. Some of those things we don’t even need or use anymore. Moving is a good time to go through items you may not want to take with you. Parents tend to collect many of our things from when we were kids, most of which we do not want to take with us when we move out. You can always donate things that are in good condition such as clothes or even have a garage sale to get some extra money for moving expenses.

5. Set Up Utilities and Cable

When you move, you will have your own utilities and cable to pay for. Once you have a place you’re moving into all figured out, you’re going to want to set up utilities or you’ll be walking into a dark home with no running water. I recommend calling the utility companies in the county you’re moving to ahead of time because most will require a deposit. This way you can incorporate it into your new budget. By calling ahead, you can also schedule dates of when everything can be turned on under your name. 

6. Change Your Address

One of the final steps is going to be changing your address! The postal service makes this very easy for us. All you will need to do is go to your local United States Postal Office and ask for a forwarding mail. You can also  go online to and fill the form out for your convenience. The form will include your new address and the date you will begin receiving mail there. 

7. Celebrate!

Finally, you did it! You’re all moved in! All your savings and hard work have paid off. One of the last steps to moving is to pop the champagne and celebrate. You can even throw a housewarming party so all your friends and family can experience the excitement with you! You saved the money, your bags and boxes are packed, and you’re all moved out of mom and dad’s house into your own home.

These are just a few main key points to remember when planning a successful move. It may get stressful and tiring but remember to think about the end result! Finally, all that hard work paid off and you’re taking your first steps into your new home!

Featured image from RawPixel via Pexels.


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