What Every Unhappy Single Girl In Her Twenties Should Know


Almost every single mid-twenties girl feels pressure to find her soulmate and live happily ever after. 

So when you’re in your mid-twenties and you’re single, the pressure to settle down can be freaking hard to cope with.

Not having someone to share your life with and watching everybody else fulfilling your dreams of engagement and marriage hurts. But your pain is totally valid, and no one can tell you otherwise. In fact, chances are that most other single, childless women in their mid twenties experience the same pain that you feel daily – they just don’t want to admit it out loud. 

You feel like other people judge you for not having a husband or a baby when everyone around you is marrying and having children. That feeling is normal, but you aren’t a “late bloomer” or a “spinster.” The biggest judge of your life, though, is you, which is why you feel discouraged every time another friend gets engaged or announces her pregnancy. You’re on your own timeline, so don’t judge your timing.

And no matter how many times people tell you to stop comparing ourselves to others, you’ll still do it. We’re all guilty of that!

The questions and comments about why you’re still single and whether your friends can set you up get old really quickly, but you aren’t alone in feeling frustrated each time you hear them. People ask these things because they genuinely care about you – they just think that being with someone is the only way to be happy. But (spoiler alert!) it isn’t. Even though your friends mean well, you can be happily single.

Your turn to find love will come, and when it does, it’ll feel so much more magical than you could ever imagine. And you’ll feel so much better knowing that you didn’t rush into marriage like some of your friends did – true love takes time to grow. 

In the meantime, it’s OK to be vulnerable about what you’re feeling.

When you talk to your friends about the single life, you’ll realize that you aren’t alone in feeling frustrated and worried that love will never come. You’ll learn that even if your married friends are settling down too soon, it’s normal to feel jealous of them. So open up to your friends, and they’ll remind you that your time is coming. 

So until you get your magical love story, be grateful that you still get to live life as a single, free woman. Your married friends might even kill for the freedom you have now, so own this time in your life. Embrace it, cherish it, and enjoy it. No matter when you marry and have children, you’re going to be just fine.

Featured Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash.


  1. Being single in your twenties isnt that bad. Why dont you give advice to single women in their thirties or forties. I wonder how they are feeling.

    • Hi Ria, thank you for your feedback! Sadly I’m not quite there yet so I can’t relate to what they’re going through entirely and don’t want to write about something I can’t personally relate to. When the time comes, you know I’ll be your girl lol


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