4 Ways To Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving Your House

Halloween is one of the most wonderful times of the year. The seasons change, the air turns crisp and chilly, and magic is in the air. However, not all of us enjoy the hustle and bustle of busy streets, long lines at the haunted house, and being surrounded by a bunch of people. Luckily, if you’re an introvert like me or just enjoy the comfort of your own home, there are still plenty of Halloween festivities you can enjoy. So, keep reading to see how you can celebrate this whimsical holiday without leaving your house. 

1. Get decorating!

Decorating my house as soon as September hits really sets the mood for a wonderfully spooky season, inside and out. While I do enjoy putting a few items outside, I do the majority of my decorating inside. I love walking around my home and seeing a touch of Halloween everywhere I go. You can decorate as little or as much as you want! It’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit without stepping outside your front door.


2. Watch a scary movie.

It’s not Halloween without a scary movie or two (or ten). Horror and Halloween go hand-in-hand, and nothing sets the spooky mood better than turning down the lights, curling up with your favorite blanket, and being scared out of your wits. And with the dozens of streaming services available, we have a wide array of scary movies to check out right from the comfort of our couches.

So, settle in, make your spookiest pick, and get to watching! (PS: I won’t tell anyone you had to sleep with the lights on!)


3. Give out candy to trick-or-treaters.

I really feel like 2022 is the year of nostalgia. Old trends are coming back, and we’re all reminiscing about our younger years. So what better way to bring back those feel-good memories than passing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters? There is nothing more wholesome than watching a bunch of cute kids running around in their best costumes, collecting as much candy as their bags can handle. 

Get yourself some candy, a huge serving bowl, and enjoy the crisp night air as you sit on your front porch and hand out candy. Don’t forget the full-size candy bars! 


4. Have a virtual party with friends.

Although I am an introverted soul, I still enjoy hanging out with my friends. Sometimes in-person hangouts can get to be a bit too much, though. If you’re like me and the thought of a packed Halloween party gives you terrible anxiety, try a virtual party instead! Whether it’s on FaceTime, Zoom, Discord, or any other video-calling app, a virtual party allows you to have fun and hang out with your friends without having to go out! So, you can easily get into costume, watch movies, play games, and hang out with your besties right there on your couch!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Clint Patterson on Unsplash


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