4 Recipes You Should Consider Making For National Red Wine Day

I remember asking my friends in high school about red wine. Unsurprisingly, many complained about its terrible flavor. Regardless of the negative opinions, I have constantly heard about the health benefits of red wine throughout my entire life. Many people have told me that red wine is good for the heart due to the antioxidants found in the drink. Statistics also show that red wine helps boost the immune system.

For those who love red wine and feel the urge to throw a party, National Red Wine day has arrived as of August 28. Here are some ways you can celebrate the holiday before the summer ends:

1. Make a devil’s margarita

Amid the humid heat, nothing is better than a refreshing ice-cold beverage. A margarita is the perfect gift for the experimental cocktail lover due to its variety of recipes and ingredients. For the Devil’s Margarita, red wine is included, adding a pinch of flavor and color to the already Instagrammable drink. If you want to make this drink at home, be sure to also include tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, and a lime fruit for decoration. Follow the recipe here.

2. Grill a steak to pair with your wine

Cooking a high-quality steak can definitely make your mouth water. Now, imagine serving the dish with red wine as the complimentary drink. The fruity flavor and texture in red wine will pair easily with the tenderness in the meat. In essence, the combination results in a hearty meal that won’t be forgotten.

3. Cook a wine and grilled cheese sandwich

A sandwich is always the key to an easy and quick breakfast or lunch. Some may decide to grill the bread with butter before stacking all the ingredients together. Meanwhile, others choose to place the bread in the toaster and finish with jam or peanut butter. A sneaky trick is to add red wine with butter to create a sauce for the grilled cheese sandwich. This not only brings more flavor to the bread but also adds a unique overall appearance to the dish. Follow this recipe to create the sandwich yourself.

4. Make poached eggs with red wine

Similar to the way of making a grilled cheese sandwich, poached eggs can also be cooked with red wine sauce. The dish originated from Burgundy, France, and is now served around the world. The variety of ingredients and flavors allow you to customize your own recipe depending on your preferences. For example, you may choose to add an additional ingredient when making the red wine sauce, such as olive oil, celery, or thyme. If you’re a beginner cook and need a recipe to follow, this one is a good place to start for you.

Although red wine is usually thought of as just a beverage, the drink has a lot of potential uses. In addition to its health benefits, red wine can be added in cocktails and a variety of meals to enhance the ‘fruity’ flavor. Even if many people dislike red wine on its own, they may appreciate it as an ingredient in other beverages. After all, red wine can be both a drink and a cooking ingredient. To celebrate and embrace the health and flavor benefits of wine, try out a new recipe (or two) for National Red Wine Day.

Featured image via Maria Orlova on Pexels


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