The 13 Best Takeaways From The Miley Cyrus ‘Call Her Daddy’ Episode


In the ultimate podcast, Miley Cyrus joined Alex Cooper for a special editition episode of “Call Her Daddy.”

That’s right, the queen of open and honest sexuality, Miley freaking Cyrus just recorded a podcast. The singer got extremely candid during her conversation with Alex, which made for one of the best interviews ever.

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And in true Alex Cooper fashion, she asked Miley the hard hitting questions that we’ve been dying to hear!

Here are the best takeaways we got from the episode:

1. The Bangerz era was meant for Miley.

While her on-stage twerking at the VMA’s and outlandish behaviour shocked the world, the singer did it for herself. She even deemed this stage as an awakening and a huge full circle moment. Although she acknowledged that people are still shocked about it, she’s happy that she caught people’s attention and rallied people to fight injustices in the future because she earned that at this stage of her life.

2. Miley’s first sexual experience was with two girls at age 11.

The singer said that she felt attracted to women from a very young age. Around age 11, Miley would hook up with her friends, and she said that she went all the way right from the beginning.

3. The first time she was with a man sexually was when she was 16… And she married him!

That’s right, true love still kind of exists. Miley’s first was none other than ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. According to Miley, the former lovers first hooked up when filming “The Last Song” in 2008. Although their marriage ended, something about that fun fact still feels so pure… except that she lied about her “first” until now.

4. Miley says that she needs a calming person in her life… and she encourages others to find that person for themselves.

When asked about the kind of people she needs in her life right now, Miley mentions how she realized that she needs someone to weigh her high energy down and keep her grounded. Furthermore, she emphasized that other high-energy people need to look for the same. “Someone has to bring more to the table than their plate… That’s a big part of my life is filling people back up and that can bring me below zero. It’s important that I feel fulfilled and they have to bring something to the table.”

5. She was not happy that the media villainized her for moving on too quickly after her divorce.

It’s no secret that Miley shocked the world when photos leaked of her on a date with “The Hills: New Beginnings” star Kaitlynn just weeks after news of her divorce broke. During the interview, she kept reiterating that her gender was the main reason why she was attacked for doing exactly what a man would do. And, honestly, she made a valid point! Sadly, those headlines really hurt her and she felt like her character was highhandedly destroyed by one photograph during an “already traumatic time.”

6. Her role in relationships with women differ from her role in relationships with men.

In the ultimate f*ck you to gender stereotypes, Miley revealed that female relationships work better for her. She feels like the lack of gender role pressures in a same sex relationship helps her thrive. In fact, Miley revealed that she doesn’t feel forced to be the more successful person and is comfortable being submissive to a woman. Meanwhile, in her relationships with men, she feels more of the dominant role and wasn’t fully comfortable in that because she felt men feel threatened by how much of a boss babe she is.

7. She is a selfish person sexually, but it’s liberating as hell!

There’s no denying that she’s a sexual person and to her she feels like she’s sexually selfish. Everything is about her, which is a great way to be. She gets turned on by what people contribute and how they do things to please her. Sometimes she rather finger herself than have someone else do it for her-but she still loves a good vibrator too. She also loves the look of lingerie on her and wears it because she wants to see it on herself. To be honest, more women need to live like this too because at least she’s being 100% pleased.

8. Miley gets embarrassed during sex just like the rest of us!

Weird noises make her embarrassed to the point where she goes beat red and can’t continue. She also hates falling or those awkward moments too. So don’t worry, if you have fears in the bedroom, so does Miley Cyrus. And yes, that does mean that Miley Cyrus experiences “mortifying” moments like queefing too-It’s all natural!

9. She hates foreplay and just wants to get to the good stuff.

When mentioning her dislike of foreplay during sex, she compared her logic to how she handles her career similarly to her sex life. “I don’t like to tease things, I just like to go for it and scare the fuck out of you. I don’t have time to sit around and flick my pussy.” And that my friends, is a true QUEEN. However, she did say that she could do foreplay longer with a woman than with a man… Because she doesn’t want to look at a penis. And in case you’re wondering, she doesn’t like giving blow jobs, because she rather be working. Which is even more of a boss move.

10. Miley Cyrus loves lists!

While this may not be hot, juicy gossip, it is nice to know that someone else feels like they have their shit together. So whenever someone makes fun of you for keeping a list to feel organized, remember this: Miley Cyrus thrives using lists, you do too.

11. Her love languages are unique… but relatable af.

Miley described her love life as acts of service. She loves doing things for people such as making gifts, doing something they love and helping them in small ways (the small gestures count). Her other love language is quality time. She doesn’t just want time, though. She wants someone to genuinely share her time with instead of wasting it. And as daddy gang members know, that’s a true daddy right there.

12. Her house burning was what lead her to new self-discovery.

After the home she shared with her ex-husband burned down and her divorce was becoming public the singer got extremely candid about how that changed her outlook on life. “One thing I gained through all the loss is an idea that what I do is for me. And that doesn’t mean that you’re selfish.”

13. She’s focused on building her career rather than a relationship.

Although she didn’t acknowledge her recent breakup with Cody Simpson, she did emphasize numerous times that her career is her main focus right now. Miley is obviously a go-getter but the fact that she is thriving in her persona life by being able to buy her own house as a woman and is creating new music on her own on top of being in a better place personally. It’s empowering that she wants to get her career and personal life situated before her love life.

The interview really changed my mind on Miley Cyrus and proved that she’s incredibly grounded considering what she’s been through. She also holds a sort of self-awareness that most people wouldn’t expect. She was vulnerable, liberating, empowering, hilarious and honest. For the first time in her career I truthfully felt like I got to know the real, stripped down, Miley Cyrus.

One of the highlights for me (aside from the juicy gossip) was their candid discussion about feeling lost in life and being at the age where we know our life is beginning but we don’t know what to do or where to go to achieve it. Even the worlds biggest former child star is at that point in her life where she feels like she’s fresh out of college and waiting for the next move without knowing what that move is. It was reassuring that despite the fake image we portray as though we have our lives together, we really don’t. And that’s okay to be struggling, especially as a woman.

The dreamy collab was everything true Daddy Gang members needed in these trying times. Obviously the podcast hasn’t been the same since the infamous fallout between Alex and her former founding father, Sofia Franklyn. (You can read more about that hot mess express here.) But it brought back what “Call Her Daddy” looked like in the beginning stages.

Truthfully, it really was a match made in heaven because both ladies are truly proud of their sexual selves and nothing was off the table. It was so candid and really liberating especially because we grew up with Miley and hearing her talk about some of these topics makes it feel more normal now that we’re going through it too.

Normalization leads to acceptance, and I’m glad that ‘Call Her Daddy’ continues to be a safe place for listeners, guests and co-hosts to be honest and vulnerable in a comedic way that everyone can relate to. I’m definitely looking forward to the second episode they record in the future because this one was good.

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