Alex Cooper Finally Addressed The ‘Call Her Daddy’ Drama And We Are Living For It

Call Her Dady

Alas, the Daddy Gang is finally getting the response they’ve been dying for amid the Call Her Daddy drama – Alex Cooper’s response.

That’s right, the real father finally addressed the scandal.

In a half an hour YouTube video, Alex Cooper summarized the madness that has occurred over the past week. She did everything from explaining their initial contract, how Call Her Daddy began, why she received a raise over Sofia to her decision to keep it a secret from her. She also confirmed facts revealed by Barstool Sports’ president Dave Portnoy. Oh, and she spilled an awful amount of tea in the process.

Here’s what we learned from the new truth bomb video:

Along with what was mentioned above, Alex was brutally honest about how Sofia would try to take credit for the editing (which we all saw was a lie based on how poorly her IG “explanation” video was), her unprofessional meeting behavior and the power struggle Sofia suffered with.

She also discussed their joint decision to renegotiate their contract, which caused a lot of controversy throughout this story.

More interestingly, she got very honest about Peter Nelson, aka suit man. As per Alex’s words, Peter said they were being underpaid and got them a team of lawyers. Those lawyers then advised them to ask for more money asking for more pay knowing they’ll settle on half, which obviously didn’t happen.

Following the renegotiation on Portnoy’s rooftop where he offered them the unbelievable deal, Alex explained that Sofia was obviously not on board to sign back on despite the jaw-dropping deal. Fast forward to an awkward walk home, a lengthy ghost period where Sofia refused to talk to anyone affiliated with Barstool – including her business partner Alex, a ton of demands on Sofia’s points and an awkward meeting with a lawyer, nothing was changing. And no episodes were being recorded.

Then, the two hour phone call happened.

The two girls both expressed their wishes and goals for the future. And then all hell broke loose. During the call, Sofia said that she felt bulldozed by Alex. She also claimed that she feels like an employee and that she didn’t want the deal. What’s more, she even toyed with leaving Call Her Daddy right then and there. She was trying to negotiate a deal so she can get money for free while not doing any work and not being on the podcast anymore.

Greedy, right?

What happened when this brewing battle became public.

Alex went on to explain what happened when their contracts were leaked to the public. And the news created stories about it – catching the attention of Portnoy. Turns out, those leaked contracts were their first ones and were released to make it seem like the girls were underpaid. Sofia was the main suspect as she was really pushing for a better deal at that time. Obviously, it made Barstool look bad in the press and in the courtroom. It also happened before any deals were made or agreed upon.

Keep in mind that the news stories surrounding this eventually was the main prompt for Dave Portnoy’s explanation on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

So while we were all shocked by these revelations, Sofia hired an agency and new lawyer to represent her against Alex in court over their Barstool contract. And when Alex read it, it was almost identical to the one that Peter Nelson created when he initially was helping the two girls in the very beginning. Additionally, the deal Sofia was seeking was even higher than the dream deal that was offered by Barstool.

At that point, Alex realized that her partnership with Sofia wasn’t going to continue and that her friendship was probably over. It was also the moment she decided to call Dave and tell him what shady stuff Sofia was doing and he created that juicy podcast a few days later.

From there on, Alex approached Dave and negotiated her own deal with Barstool, selected her own team of agents and lawyers, and finalized her own deal without Sofia. Like the queen she is, she took care of her damn self and salvaged her career.

Of course, Alex also touched on how devastating it has been for her to lose a friend and business partner. She also sympathized with the Daddy Gang because it truly is sad that the duo we loved no longer exists.

This is another classic case of losing a best friend to a boyfriend.

Luckily, Alex will continue to host Call Her Daddy alone and we’ll be getting a new episode on Wednesday! So all is semi right in the world… Especially the fact that Sofia won’t be gaining off of Alex’s hard work anymore.

But would a summary of any Call Her Daddy drama be complete without some highlight tweets of the night? You know, since Twitter literally blew up and sent this story trending #1 immediately after it happened!

Oh, and if you thought Barstool was fast by creating the ‘cancel suit man’ collection, they already released new merch!

Even if you didn’t listen to Call Her Daddy, you can’t deny that this is absolutely wild and that you’re probably #TeamAlex. I mean, it’s not like we have anything else going on during this quarantine. And this is keeping us in the loop.

The Call Her Daddy drama has ended for now, but you already know that Sofia will continue to play the victim on social media as if she was in the wrong. But, I guess we’ll wait and see. Fingers crossed that it happens soon, folks!

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