A Poem For Anyone Who’s Ever Reached Their Breaking Point

Have you ever sacrificed your own needs just to avoid a conflict with someone else? Unfortunately, people often take advantage of your kindness until your patience breaks and you fight back.

Well, this poem is for anyone who’s ever felt misunderstood after they’ve reached their breaking point.

People always say that you can’t have rainbow without rain,

But all I want is a sun

That disappears when it starts falling

Because the sky that keeps dimming

Has stopped my wings from flying.

People always say that you shouldn’t speak when feeling angry,

But all I want is to let go

Of confined bitterness that protects their happiness

Because silence that creates peace

Has cost a war that seeks justice.

People always say that you must never resent,

But how can I?

How can I love when all I get is insinuation with temper and orders to obey?

How can I call this a home when I can’t be myself anymore?

The thoughts of keeping everyone happy have made me lose my identity

And the burst of a breaking point

becomes the reason I feel guilty.

People always say the “just be strong” things,

So I only cry when no one is watching

To ensure that people continue breathing.


Do they ask how it feels

To be Taylor Swift,

Judged for crying about her exes?

Do they ask how it feels

To be Britney Spears,

Despised for crying about her life crisis?

Do they ask how it feels

To be Kim Kardashian,

Ridiculed for crying about her earrings?

May I cry about literally anything and be let be?

People never ask how I feel before they say something,

But who am I, asking you to even pay attention to my needs

When I too fail to understand that I deserve to be understood and protected?

People always say that you can’t have rainbows without rain.

That’s why you should always expect my storm

until you stop raining down on me.

I hope this poem helps you see that no matter how many times people use your kindness, you shouldn’t lie about your feelings. Your patience is only a fraction of what makes you so precious. When you lose it because you’ve had enough, it doesn’t make you any less humane. You can still be angry and teary regardless of what people say about you and how they blame you. So go on, be mad, and cry if you want to — it’s OK.

Photo by Levi Stute on Unsplash


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