5 Mindful Things To Binge If You’re Tired Of Watching Netflix

Due to the global pandemic, most of us are currently working from home and are looking for fun ways to kill time. However, if you’re tired of spending your newfound free time binge-watching Netflix, here are five educational “binges” to try.

1. Watching TED Talks

If you’re looking for contents that will explain discovered phenomena, introduce new ideas, and share powerful personal stories, then TED Talks is the perfect choice for you .. There are thousands of videos that contain talks from different speakers around the world who are experts in their fields. These talks are not just educational, they are also inspiring. And just like their motto, these ideas are definitely worth sharing.

2. Finding Tutorial Videos

Want to learn something new? Try YouTube. You can make your quarantine period more productive when you learn how to solve complicated math problems, play a new instrument, cook your favorite food, or teach yourself how to change a tire! The  possibilities are endless, and they can even help you improve your life. 

3. Discovering Documentaries

Video documentaries are films based on real-life stories, and they can change the way you view  the world.  With topics like child Documentary films are eye-opening, and binge-watching such captivating stories can expand your worldview.  Now is a great time to remember that the world is always struggling, but we can help.

4. Learning Trivia

Prior to the development of the Internet, we could only find trivia facts in books. But now, if you want more information on the oldest tree in the world, the largest watermelon ever recorded, or the number of ships that sank in the Bermuda Triangle, you can learn new trivia with a quick search. We can also search millions of photos and videos that interest us. The options are limitless!

5. Listening To Podcasts

Podcasts are popular with millennials, and they’re also a great way to learn new things. They can involve narrative storytelling, interviews, or repurposed Internet content, so you’re sure to find something you like. And because we can easily download them, we can tune in anytime and anywhere!

We’ve been in quarantine for a while now, but let’s try to make the rest of our social distancing time a productive learning experience. The lessons and skills we’ll learn will give us priceless knowledge that’ll make our lives more meaningful. So let’s all resolve to use our quarantine time to binge something other than Netflix – and watch our world open up!

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