A Love Letter To Our Favorite Food In Honor Of ‘ National Pepperoni Pizza Day’

My Dearest Pepperoni Pizza Pie,

Cheesus Christ, olive you! You’ve held a pizza my heart since the first time you caressed my tongue, and I’ve kneeded you in my hands so many times since. There’s just something about the way you taste, it’s a dough-lightful blend of cheesy, crusty, pepperoni goodness that baked its way from my head tomatoes.

Sometimes you’re a bit thin, sometimes you are extra crusty. But, I oven crave you; I need that pepperoni in my mouth day and night. When we’re together, it’s grate! I feel like baking love in every slice of you.

Whether it’s pan, hand-tossed, or stuffed, I love to bite into your crusty bits, then lick the sauce off my lips. It’s amazing when your mozzarella stretches, and olive it most when I nibble on your pepperoni when it’s nice and warm.

Some people don’t seem to understand why olive you, but I know that they are just weirdoughs. They don’t understand why I kneed the dough. I tell them, dough, that pepperoni pizza’s never leaven me. I know that somewhere, deep inside, you adough me just as much as olive you.

No matter how you slice it, you’ll always have a pizza me… I’ll always kneed you.

You are my gratest food love, and I’m never letting you leaven me, pizza pie. We bake a grate team, you and me, and I’ll always want another slice of you. Whether I’m broke and hungry or rich with a massive beer belly, I’ll always want a slice of your meaty, cheesy warmth.

Cheesus Christ, Pepperoni Pizza Pie! Olive you so much, man!

Dreaming Of A Slice Of You In My Belly,

A Pepperoni Pizza Lover

Feature Image via Instagram


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