7 Ways To Prepare For Important Upcoming Tasks

As someone who happens to suffer from an anxiety disorder, something like calling the doctors awakens my anxiety from its tiny slumber. When the receptionist answers and I have to explain what’s going on – I almost feel like drowning. Once the appointment is made, I imagine the fifty different ways something will go wrong. It’s a vicious cycle of tricks and games that my mind can’t seem to move on from. So, when these things come up, I rely on some of these tips to make it easier to accomplish.

Write it down

Don’t be afraid to go ham with the stickies. Make reminders, and take notes. If you’re as nervous as I am when it comes to making these appointments or food pick up orders, write down as much as you need whether it be dates, times, prices, anything you need to bring, who you need to meet, etc. If you have the answers for most of the questions that could be asked, it’ll help you feel relieved and less stressed! Personally, I write out my issue before doctor appointments, I can quickly pull it out to read off of or if the doctor wants to read it themselves, boom – we’re on a more straightforward path, and it’s less talking for me. Woot!


Seriously, once you get through your appointment, or pick up your food, or whatever the goal here is, you WILL feel better (at least in regards to anxiety, whatever your appointment was for and whatever happens after cannot be guaranteed by us – sorry). Besides, breathing techniques are often a great way to calm yourself, ease stress and help you focus better! We always want our minds to be in the best condition, ready for the tasks we face.

Keep your chin up

Once you remember to breathe, you’ll be able to do anything, or whatever you need to for your day that is. Keep that chinny-chin-chin of yours up and don’t be afraid to flash some smiles to anyone who passes you by; who knows, maybe they need it more than you do, that thought alone has helped me multiple times! Even if that voice inside your head is screaming, you can conquer the world when you look as confident as you do keeping your eyes off of the ground. It has been proven that laughing can help you cheer up so, why not fake it till you make it!

It’s more important to get that task done than not

Now, we’re not trying to be your mother making sure you eat all your veggies (though it’s not a bad idea to eat some, science says it’s good for us!) but sometimes adult things, gotta get done! Maybe it’s medicine you need to help you stay on track or get better. Maybe it’s a bill that you have to pay, after all, you need internet to read these helpful articles or order that yummy pizza for accomplishing that hard task! As scary as doing this thing may be, the consequences are definitely worse if you don’t do the thing! Plus once you conquer this task, it always feels great to know you did it and it’s over.

Get a buddy

Honestly, the buddy system is a thing for a reason! It works. I can’t count how many times texting my best friend has helped me feel more at ease. Or calling my mom to stay on the phone with me while I do a task. Hell, there’s even Facetime and Skype to use nowadays which is actually pretty awesome. If having someone be in your ear, in your sights, or at your side, helps you get this task done? Don’t feel embarrassed or bad about that! We’re all different and sometimes so is the support we need.

Listen to music

Does a good beat get you moving? Well, let me tell you that a confident song can do the same thing! I listen to music to prepare for lot’s of events or tasks, it helps me feel great and less stressed. I’ve created playlists for all types of moods such as songs that cheer me up, inspiring songs for those crappy days and even battle songs which are totally helpful for building up my confidence. Okay, so I might not have to slay zombies but it makes me feel pretty in control.

Rock your favorite outfits

Now, not all of us have Cinderella’s fairy godmother to wave a wand and suit us up but that’s okay. Thankfully we have closets filled with outfits for all types of adventures. When you wear something that makes you feel good, there’s a level of comfort and security in it. It’s almost like wrapping yourself up in armor and it is your own personal secret. Hey if the shoe fits, wear it, am I right? If it allows you to overcome any size obstacle, don’t let anyone stop you from owning that outfit.

At the end of the day once we complete our appointments and tasks we should be proud. While we will likely be exhausted at least we did it and can say we checked another item off our to-do lists.

What kind of things do you do to prepare for a hard task? Share your story about what helps you below!

Collab with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured image via Lisa Fotios on Pexels


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