Sofia From ‘Call Her Daddy’ Just Responded to Those Shady Rumors & It Seems Fake AF

Sofia Franklyn of Call Her Daddy just responded to the podcast released on Sunday, May 18th regarding a fall out between her and Barstool Sports.

The Call Her Daddy co-host (or ex co-host, we don’t really know yet) posted a video message to her Instagram story explaining her side of the fallout between she and her partner Alex Cooper. However, in her apology, she never really discussed the accusations made by Dave Portnoy during his reveal episode the other night.(For more of a summary, please click here.) She also failed to mention anything about her boyfriend Peter Nelson, aka suit man, and his control throughout this messy situation.

Instead, she put the total blame on Alex and tried to act like a victim.

Sofia did acknowledge that she and Alex were wrong for being shady towards Barstool Sports, but still made it seem like she was blindsided by Alex’s decisions to move forward behind her back. Meanwhile it’s been revealed that Alex was being held back to try and accommodate Sofia’s feelings, when she didn’t agree with the business decisions she and her boyfriend were trying to make.

The apology/explanation sounded weak and insincere. Not only did she fail to acknowledge anything she did, she also failed to give any new information. So what was the point of posting an “explanation” video?

She also didn’t acknowledge that her former best friend, and roommate, did a majority of the work for the podcast in the beginning, particularly the editing (which is a time consuming task). And I’m sorry, but isn’t it common knowledge that the more work you do, the more you get compensated for? She made herself sound even more greedy than how she was already being portrayed.

The Daddy Gang on Twitter simply is not having it and are continuing to weigh in on the drama.

And while Sofia didn’t mention suit man, Twitter certainly did. And they were all ruthless savages.

Clearly, we still don’t like suit man. And I don’t think we ever will.

It’s a shame that we finally got a response and were left feeling disappointed and second hand embarrassed for Sofia. Part of me does feel bad for the amount of hate she’s been receiving, because people are taking this way too seriously, but when she makes half assed posts like this it’s hard to take her seriously.

To be quite honest, Alex was the more entertaining father anyway. Sofia didn’t really contribute a whole lot to the podcast aside from some stories and a few catch phrases. Alex was the one who consistently held the show and made an effort to improve it while Sofia seemed like she was just hanging along for the ride and to gain internet fame.

It’s sad to see their strong bond and friendship come to an end in such a messy way. But that doesn’t mean I’m not here for the Call Her Daddy drama. This may just be the only thing getting me through quarantine.

UPDATE: For Alex Cooper’s side of the story, please click here.

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