Why Reboots Are Actually A Terrible Idea

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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that all good things come to an end. Now, in the age of reboots of old shows, that’s not the case. However, I believe it should be the end sometimes. Don’t get me wrong — I am a sucker for a nostalgic show comeback. But it’s starting to become insane. When we get the reboots we all crave, we are either disappointed with them or extremely upset that they are ending and that we didn’t get at least one more season. In reality, we should just be grateful that we were able to enjoy it a second time around, to begin with.

I think, at times, we forget that actors are humans too. They get tired just like the rest of us and deserve to move on to other projects. They are the ones who decide whether they want to do a reboot or not. No matter how bad we all want a certain reboot, like Friends or The Office, we have to understand that it’s not up to us.

Let me give you a real-life example.

For ten years, I ran a group in my community, which I also founded. My friends who helped me run it and I have finally decided it was time to end the group. When we had all come to this tough decision together, we made a plan to start telling our supporters, family, and friends. When we would tell them, we would always get the same response. Everyone would tell us how sad it was that the group was splitting up, and they would ask us why.

I would honestly get frustrated with them because they didn’t understand that we were all tired and it was emotionally draining us all the time. We all were doing different things at that point. Not to mention — a decade is a huge chunk of your life to devote to solely one thing. I didn’t want to be Larissa, the woman who has that group because I am so much more than that. Now, imagine being an actor in a similar situation.

This must be how they feel when all of their fans want to see them in one role forever. It’s neither fair to you nor the actor — as a fan, you only get one performance from them, and as an actor, you don’t have any other opportunities to showcase your creativity. As a society, we “typecast” one actor as that one specific character for the rest of their life. And the rest of their career. And what fun is that for an actor? No fun at all, I can tell you.

We need to take a second to put ourselves in their shoes. Would you want to be at the same job for decades and decades? No, you wouldn’t. So, why do we feel the need to do that to actors?

We assign them to these roles and nothing else. Now, I’m not saying that all reboots are bad. All I’m saying is that we can’t expect them to be just like the originals. We also can’t throw a fit when we didn’t get the one we really wanted. After all, some shows are meant to be around once and only once. And that’s okay. I know it’s hard to realize, but once you do, you will look at demanding reboots differently.

And just like the famous quote by Dr. Seuss says, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Featured image via Netflix Fuller House


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