Why The Best Time You’ll Have Is Time On Your Own

Newsflash: It is okay to be independent.

The way that our society is now, we are all connected at all times. Social media and technology make it possible to know where everyone is at every moment of every day. We are constantly talking or texting or updating or basically glued to our phones. Most of the time we feel like we are surrounded by people, seeing way too much of their personal lives as well as with them knowing way too much of ours.

Social media can make us feel like it is not okay to be on your own or to do things independently. You see couples taking vacations together, families taking outings to the zoo, even your own group of friends going on a bar crawl without an invitation can make you feel intimidated to do things on your own. We are taught to feel bad for those that are in restaurants that are eating by themselves or those that are sitting alone in the bookstore, sipping on coffee, and reading. Why is it so looked down on to spend time on your own? Why should we always have to be with someone to enjoy something?

Sometimes it is just nice to spend some time with yourself and get back to some of the things that you love doing – no assistance required. To take a mental break from the world and try something new – independently. To know no one around you and be able to take a break from the norm – courageous.

For some, that may sound terrifying, but I assure you, it is extremely liberating. I recently wanted to go to a yoga class that none of my friends were able to attend. Rather than bailing out on the class, I decided to go on my own. I was able to practice on a soccer field in the middle of Pittsburgh (not something that can normally be done) and I have to say that I went home crying. Not only was the yoga class physically rewarding, I was proud that I did something on my own, without depending on a crutch of someone being there. I was able to do something that I would not normally do and not feel bad or weird about it.

Something as small as a yoga class can be your stepping stone like it was mine. It can be the most liberating thing to just prove to yourself that you can do something on your own. Whether it be a minor step of going to the coffee shop by yourself or taking the giant leap and having an Eat, Pray, Love moment and traveling around the country to find yourself, independence is not only allowed, but appreciated and sometimes expected. You are able to see the world in a whole new light.

Now is the time to take a chance. Now is the time to seize the moment, book that cheap trip you found on Groupon and go for it! Now is the time to prove to yourself that you can be on your own and love it. Don’t be afraid of trying something new just because you have never done it before. Traveling by yourself can be a rewarding experience, full of stories and adventures to bring home. You do it every day with daily tasks, why not do it somewhere you have never been? Again, now is the time to take a chance!

A thing to keep in mind, just because you are alone, does not mean that you are lonely. You are rewarding yourself, because you are making the choice to see the world from a different perspective. Now is the time to embrace your independence and freedom. Get out there and enjoy it!

Featured image via Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels


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