Disney Weddings Just Announced New Princess-Inspired Wedding Dress Collection And It’s A Dream Come True

Disney weddings

If you ever dreamt of having a Disney wedding but couldn’t afford to go to the park for your big day, there’s a new way to achieve that goal. Disney Weddings just announced a dream collaboration with Allure Bridal for a collection of 16 princess-inspired bridal gowns!

This isn’t the first time Disney Weddings helped make brides’ dreams come true. In 2017, they collaborated with wedding dress designer Alfred Angelo, who originally designed Disney Princess wedding dresses. However, right as the project began, it shut down when Angelo filed for bankruptcy. The project has since been on hold, leaving thousands of hopeful brides in doubt it would ever resurface again.

The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection is truly a wish your heart makes because they are all stunning from head to toe. The detailing in each design really does show subtle hints of every Princess’ interests, style as well as personality. They’re all perfect for the brides who want that extra hint of magic on their big day.

The 16 dresses are based on Disney princess characters such as Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Tiana, Snow White and so much more!

And as if this news isn’t already exciting enough for wedding lovers and dreamers, Disney Weddings also announced a partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal!

You know, the popular bridal retailer known for being featured on everyone’s favorite TLC binge show, Say Yes to the Dress.

In an announcement made via Instagram, it was confirmed that 7 of the 16 styles will be exclusively sold at Kleinfeld Bridal’s locations in New York and Toronto.


In terms of pricing, they surprisingly aren’t as expensive as anticipated. You know, since Disney always has to do it big.

Dresses from the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection range from $1,200 to $2,500 (USD), while dresses from the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum Collection are from $3,500 to $10,000 (USD). 

So in terms of bridal gown standards, or at least based on judgement from watching SYTTD, some of them are reasonably priced for the regular bride. Presumably, the more intricate details per dress would most likely mean they’ll be a little pricier than the others. Although it has not been confirmed, the “Platinum” Collection will probably be more over the top – hence the difference in price and the category name.

Now let’s look at the sneak preview, shall we?


Of course, Ariel-inspired dress is a mermaid style, which is very fitting. The dress is completed with a slimming style, sweetheart neckline and finished with a light and airy mini train. This is definitely a subtle dress for the modern bride with a hint of imagination.



You really will be the Belle of the ball in this beauty of a gown. The cap sleeves and huge ballgown are clearly based on Belle’s golden number from the iconic dance scene. And are these roses detailed on the dress? It looks like they might be!



Tiana’s trademark is a huge ballgown full of intricate details and sparkles and swirls. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that her gown matches it! Additionally, there will be plenty of room to do some dancing in this dress. I think she has one of the prettiest dresses of all the princesses. I cannot wait to see the final product!

Personally, from what they have announced so far from the collection, I think each of the dresses is very unique to the Princess who inspired it. Let’s face it, most of us have dreamt of our wedding days for most of our lives. And we always wanted a Disney-like fairytale to get us there.

Disney Fairytale Weddings are really making an effort to re-image what it means to be a Disney bride with their new selection of dresses. I can’t wait until I find my prince charming and can have my happily ever after in my very own princess dress!

Featured image via Disney Weddings on Instagram


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