28 Ways To Immediately Turn On A Boob Guy


It doesn’t matter how big your boobs are. As long as he’s a boob man, he’ll like them. Luckily, initiating sex with a boob man can be so easy that the most simple things make him hard and horny. To give you some ideas, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of ways to entice your boobie-loving guy immediately. 

1. Ask him to grab something while you’re taking a bath. That way he can come in and find you wet, naked, and horny in the bath with your boobs peeking through the bubbles. 

2. When you’re laying your head on his lap, grab his hand and place it on your boob so he can massage it. Not only does it feel amazing, it’ll get him super horny asap and show him that you are too. 

3. Grab your boobs while riding him during sex. 

4. Grab his head and push it towards your chest so he can suck your nipples when he’s on top of you. 

5. Wear transparent lingerie so he can see your tits even when you have clothes on.

6. Put some whipped cream or melted chocolate onto your nipples and ask him to lick it off of you. 

7. Grab an ice cube and run it across your chest when you feel hot.

8. Step out of the shower with a towel wrapped around your waist so your wet boobs remain exposed. He’ll leap at the opportunity to pounce you. 

9. Get on all fours and crawl towards him with a low cut or a scoop neck shirt so he can see right down your shirt when he’s resting on the bed. 

10. Bend over so your boobs are in his face and he can suck on them whenever he wants while you’re on top of him.

11. Walk around the house in nothing but a bra and sweatpants. It’s comfy, cozy, and extremely sexy.

12. Pretend the room is too hot and take your shirt off in front of him. 

13. Apply lotion to your breasts in front of him when getting ready one morning. He’ll love seeing your lotioned, hard nipples. 

14. Buy a new bra that makes your boobs look different, better, or more accentuated. 

15. Wear a long, sparkly necklace that goes down to your chest to draw attention to it. 

16. Let him rub soap or body wash when you’re in the shower together.

17. While working out together, do some exercises that will let your boobs bounce-even in a sports bra. 

18. Innocently bend over to slightly show him down your shirt when out in public. It’s the ultimate tease.

19. Drape your arms across your chest so they cover your nipples but leave the rest of your boobs visible when you send him a nude. 

20. Challenge him to make you cum just by nipple play. 

21. Take off your bra before he can do it when you undress. That initiative will get you some good things. 

22. Talk about your boobs when talking dirty to him-he’ll instantly go for them the first chance he can. 

23. Walk around wearing a thin shirt with no bra on so he can see your nipples through the fabric.

24. Rest facedown on his chest while you’re both laying naked so he can feel your nipples on his skin. 

25. Model new lingerie for him that has something on the chest to draw attention to your boobs. 

26. Keep your back straight while pushing out your chest when you wear heels. The right posture can make them look fantastic regardless of the size. 

27. Challenge him to remove your bra by just using his teeth. 

28. Play with your boobs in front of him at any given moment, or touch them. He’ll get the innocent hint asap.

As mentioned earlier in this article, your boobs don’t have to be huge for these tips to work. As long as he likes breasts and is eager to please, any of these tips will excite your man. And, more importantly, you’ll get a lot of pleasure and attention for once that actually feels good. This way, your semi-subtly initiating sex for once, and caving to his pleasures, you’re also getting pleased and telling him how bad you want him at the same time. It’s a true win-win.

Featured Image by Oratto Oficial from Pexels


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