If You Haven’t Binge-Watched ‘YOU’ Season 2 Yet, Do It Now

Now that we’ve all had some time to get our binge-watch on with You‘s Season Two on Netflix, I can safely say that the entire season was one hell of a rollercoaster. Remember how Joe’s ex Candace showed up in his bookstore at the end of last season? Yeah, she’s a bit of a problem.

This season, Joe Goldberg takes off to California to run away from her because Candace knows exactly who he is.

In fact, she wants to make sure everyone knows who he is… without turning him in.

What’s up with that in the first place, though? If someone tries to murder you, it’s generally not a good idea to hunt them down, right? But then again, I suppose that wouldn’t make for an exciting twist for You’s Season Two, now would it?

So, Candace chases down her murderous ex after she finds a book written by a dead girl who also dated Joe. Come on, Candace, you may be a badass, but I think hunting down a serial killer is probably not the brightest decision.

However, it turns out that Joe is terrified and he wants nothing to do with her. Surprise!

So Joe runs away to Los Angeles, changes his name to Will, and rents out a storage unit to hide his people in (because he can’t go anywhere without that box). After he steals the real Will’s identity, he meets this girl at his new job.

Her name? Love.

Funny enough, Joe doesn’t want to fall in love anymore. As he says multiple times in the very first episode of Season Two, love has brought him nothing but trouble.

Maybe this time “Love” will be different?

At first, she seems normal enough, though also damaged. She’s also conveniently from a powerful family with a lot of money. Her twin brother, Forty, seems a little off the rails, but that’s a story for a different hour. For now, let’s just say he’s more… “damaged” than his sister.

There’s a whole new cast of characters, ones that love and hate this new “Will” that’s come out of the woodwork. Plus there’s Joe, I mean Will’s, own feelings towards himself. He wants things to go differently this time. He hopes to be a new person, a person who deserves Love’s, well, love.

The worst part of this though? Joe may have just found his own “twin” with Love.

He may have finally found someone who understands him and sees him as he is. She may be the female version of him. In fact, she wants nothing more than someone to love her… and here’s Will, ready and willing to do just that. Even after she finds out that he lied about his identity (Thank you, Candace!), she still wants him. She sees him; she loves him. But when he sees himself in her, can even he love himself?

During the binge-watching of this, prepare yourself for the typical responses that will come from this show, or as my friend elegantly put it, “Is anyone in this show not a complete nut job?”

Perhaps Joe’s next victim won’t be Love. Will this be another situation like Candace, or will there really be another “You” to come along? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve seen Joe misread a few people now. So maybe he’ll slow down, but it doesn’t appear that will happen anytime soon. Feel free to leave any of your opinions in the comments! You’s Season Two definitely gave us much more than we anticipated.

Featured image via Netflix


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