18 Sexy Snaps That Will Immediately Get His Attention

sexy snap

There is nothing more frustrating than when you want attention from your male friend with benefits or someone you’ve been casually hooking up with. Sure, you want to make a move, but you don’t want to seem overly desperate. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You probably don’t always want to sext but still want to initiate a sexy conversation. And we all now that there are only so many ways you can do that without sending a good old fashioned sexy snap on Snapchat.

The key is getting their attention by creating some sexual tension first. Talking dirty and getting down-and-dirty are two different things that not everyone may be comfortable initiating, though. However, there are some creative ways to accomplish what you’re striving to do.

Here’s what sexy snap to send if you want to get their attention or drop a hint that you want to hook up:

For starters, try to get to know them better in bed. This tactic will not only give them the impression that you are genuinely trying to please them but it will also get their minds wondering. He’ll be bound to answer everything in the sexy snap and start initiating scenarios to see you after questions like those:

  • “What’s a sexual fantasy that you have that hasn’t been done yet?”
  • “What are your sexual fantasies?”
  • “What are your thoughts on sex toys?”
  • “Where’s one place you would like to have sex?”
  • “What kind of foreplay is your favorite?”
  • “Is there something you’ve been dying to try?”
  • “What parts of your body you most enjoy to have kissed?”

Here’s what to do if you want to get his attention in a slightly more direct way:

This is probably my favorite tactic to use to initiate and get some attention because it goes from zero to one hundred in 0.2 seconds. The key is to get into his head in a polite but very direct way. These all work extra well if you send them a snap of you in bed looking sexy with any questions or comments.

  • “I had a really hot dream about you last night…Wanna hear about it?”
  • “If you were in my bed right now, what would you do?”
  • “Where else should my hands go on my body this morning?” *included with your hands touching a special part of your body*
  • “I was thinking about the last time we fucked and now I’m wet. Oops.”
  • “Just got new lingerie/bras/panties and feel like a VS model ready to show them off.”

Here’s what to do if you want to initiate a hook-up ASAP:

If you are just that desperate for the D and want it inside of you immediately, there are definitely some things you can say or do to get them to come over. They are also a lot nicer than the traditional “come over” text.

  • “I just showered, but I really wanna get dirty again. Can you help me?”
  • “My bed and pussy feel really lonely right now, can you bring a friend?”
  • “Wanna hang out tonight? It won’t suck, but I certainly will ;)”
  • “It’s been a long day and I just wanna rip off my bra and panties, do you wanna just do it for me instead?”
  • “The batteries in my vibrator are dead. Can you just do the job for me instead?”
  • “I’m really fucking horny and craving your cock.”

Sexting can be a great way to build desire and anticipation. The antsier you are to get started, the better the sex will be. It’s also a different yet still creative form of initiating intercourse and really helps in switching up your regular routine. It encourages potentially new experiences you two could share together and expand your sexual interests and boundaries. 

Let your imaginations run wild and be free to express what you want. He’ll definitely respond to Snapchats like these.

Featured image via Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


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